Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good-bye Summer

Coming up to the last day of August makes me giddy with excitement as Autumn is just around the corner....and you know what that means! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! And more Pumpkins! I love pumpkin, the one thing that disappoints me, is that I can't grow a hundred of those big beauties! The funny truth is I'm not a lover of Halloween, in fact, I really object to the hype around it, but I can totally see why little ones love to dress up and run around the streets and get candy......but don't get me back to Pumpkins and Autumn......I love the Fall season, the decorations, all things pumpkin, pumpkin cappuccinos, pumpkin muffins, I'm on the hunt for new and exciting ideas to adorn the front porch and the mantel. Pinterest is a wonderful place to start!

I found this yummy drink on Pinterest,
and its actually calorie conscious,
unlike the Starbucks version, so no need to
feel guilty!!!
Pumpkin Pancakes, can we say YUM!
Painted wine glasses turned into candleholders
So Cute!

These are so simple and adorable
 So now I am on the look out for a wreath for the front porch.......this one is kind of different but maybe a little more color.......we'll see.

So this past week has been a little hectic, we have company, Lee is here from Scotland, thank goodness the weather is cooperating and its been lovely. I've almost finished painting the trim around the house.......on-going at the moment......scared the heck out of the hubs by painting up high and hanging on by my fingertips! But really how bad could it be falling nine feet to concrete! Tuck and roll Baby! So I think I will hire someone to do the chimney........the rest is easy peasy.......then we have been bothered by bears of late, and pesky raccoons and poor Chowie got beat up last night and working on his 9th life, but I chased him off with a broom before the worst happened......well thats been my last few days.....sorry for the dribble.......I shall show you a pair of pillows I am doing for Kait and her BF. Very cute! Time for tea! Good night and TGIF! Whoo hoo!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yeah! It's Wednesday!

Middle of the week and I have been busy doing all sorts of things and chores but finishing up a few projects has been my goal this week. I was getting ahead of myself and starting to stress so time to narrow in on details and finish what I started......not an easy task let me tell you.

The Hubs got a new job this past week, so there has been a lot of adjusting of schedules but the best part is no more shift work! Yeah! So no more crafting at midnight! Not sure how productive I will be during the day with so many distractions but the sleep might improve and that will be wonderful.....

So last week I posted making the mason jar hanging vase and this week I have been doing the wine bottle hanging vases and quite pleased with the results.....what a time I had finding the components though, not having a Home Depot or a Lowe's leads you on a merry chase.....but a wonderful girl at one of the industrial supply companies managed to track them down so I bought a dozen of everything so I wouldn't be without for quite a while. But I've found I really need a chop saw or whatever you call those things.....because my wrists and elbows were killing me after sawing boards by hand, not to mention sawing a steel rod with the hacksaw! Crikey! I'm going to need a cortisone drip attached to my arms soon! And I really need to get back painting the trim of the house.....its looking a little odd, but then, I doubt anyone notices.

Sue and I have been doing the Military Diet for 3 days........OMGoodness! It's a killer! But the results are good and its an excellent way to kick start proper eating and getting back on track.....because to tell you the truth, our running has been suffering with the 10 extra pounds we have been dragging around these hills! So we are on a mission to succeed.......aren't we Sue! No more junk! No more wine! No more cookies! Hahahaha!

Well a few photos to show you and then I must get outside and get at it...... because it is back to work tomorrow and then I will be kicking myself for not finishing the last few projects.......

This is basically my bean/zucchini garden

Hanging Wine Bottle Vase

This is the picture I am making for my son,
 it's very hard stencilling all
these words, I just need to fill in the outlines!

Baby Girl Rag Quilt - crib size

Pumpkins! This is the first time I have successfully
grown pumpkins! I am soooo excited!

Spaghetti Squash!
I'm soooooooo excited! First time for these too!!!
Hope you're having an awesome week, and you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer before its back to school and to Fall. Almost time to dig out those pumpkin recipes! Yeah! Love pumpkin!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Multitudes of craftiness

Today I was so darn busy and crafty, I almost scared myself! After spending 10 hours on the roads, boats, and shopping.....we were pretty tuckered out when we got home last night. But a lot was accomplished and fun was had! And that's what a girls day in town is all about! So today it was down to business because I am sorrily lacking in the organization of my thoughts. Totally scattered and the ADHD has taken over my being! So first thing today, it was get some housecleaning, baking, ironing, laundry, and general getting my act together chores! It was so bad that I was struggling with getting out the door to my studio. But eventually the clouds cleared and the sun came out, so I made a bee-line for the backyard and got to work setting up the front part of my studio because....... one day I would like to get my studio open for business. I think..... I am on the right track. I bought the cutest darn wire mannequin coat rack at Home Sense, and my thought is to hang my cowls and hats on Missy.  And I think I may dress her up for the seasons ......just a thought........

This is not a good picture the lighting is terrible,
I am sorry about that......
I will do better the next time I take her photo.
This is one of the dressers that
I have repurposed, believe it or not
it is a pretty aqua blue......

This old wardrobe was totally disgusting
in its previous life, much more appealing
now, it too is aqua blu

I know you've seen these mason jar sconces around Pinterest and blogs so I have had these on my mind for a while and picked up the "pipe clamps" yesterday at Home Depot, the poor man in the hardware department was playing pictionary with me because I didn't know what they were called. Okay so I'm a little blonde, but who knew? But I know now what they're called.......fool me once but not twice! So I made a set of three and have plans for a bigger version with a twist tomorrow.......

I'm really happy with my wall cubbie that I fashioned but it didn't come without some torture and pain........

This is my boo-boo,
and it hurts like a son of a gun!
You would think that I would wear gloves or something but "nope!" never thought I would injure myself with a screwdriver........but it was kind of worth it, for this.....................

And each and everyone of these cubbies are
 filled with this and that!
Well I am worn out for today and time to catch some zzzzzzz's, Sue and I are going to do a long run in the morning and I "may" have to go to work tomorrow if my co-worker wakes up with the flu in the on that note good night and sweet dreams!

A little paint art..............

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Four Lakes 10km Run

It was a gorgeous day for a run! It could have been just a few degrees cooler because when the sun started blazing, it was smoking hot out there on the roads. Thank heavens for the trees that lined the road! A great race by all means. We didn't do the time we wanted but we did win our age category and beat a few of the younger runners which always feels good. We had a bit of trouble getting our breathing in sync at the start but finally around the 6km mark we got into a rhythm and that's about normal for us....that too comes with age, longer to warm up and then we are good to go. The sprint near the finish made me feel like throwing up but we needed to pass someone and finish together. Our times were the same but I think they had to give out a first and second because they don't usually have ties! But that's okay, we know we crossed the line shoulder to shoulder, and that's what counts. We did it together and accomplished a great time.

Garden Bay Lake

Sue balancing on one leg, putting on her flip flops

Cooling our feet cause they were smokin' hot,
as were we!

Our running buddy, Barry

Sue and Byron discussing
 the temperature of the lake

Byron, soaking wet after a dip in the lake

Barry, Etta, and Chuck

The group from the Gibsons Coffee Chase Running Group
Byron, Peter, Dave Bromely, David ,
Laura, Barry, Chuck, myself, and Sue

My bib, and carved wooden medal

So that was our morning, pretty exciting start to the day. Lots of fun and good people to share it with. The afternoon was spent in my studio arranging some much needed organization. That will come this week. Sue and I are off to the city tomorrow for a little shopping and a dentist appointment. I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Love the weekend.............

Well for some the weekend is half over, but for me it's just starting, cause I don't go back to work till Thursday! Yeah! I know decadent, almost as good a chocolate! Hopefully I can get something done this week. I have a few ideas, what else is new!

Tomorrow is the Four Lakes Run, a mere 10km, over hill and dale, probably more hills than I would like but not be deterred, Sue and I have a mission to accomplish, so I am going to make this a quick post so that I can get to bed and be up tomorrow at the "crack of dawn".
I was looking for a photo of the race area but couldn't find one of the scenery which it is...... a beautiful area to run. Around four lakes with beautiful forests, and more than likely many tourists!

Four Lakes 10km Run
So I am looking forward to a short race, not much training involved and not a lot invested in fees, especially if you do have a terrible run. But the forecast is sunny so how bad can it be. Anyway I am off to bed. Sleep tight and see you tomorrow! Wish me speedy legs! Ciao!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I know I will just ramble on today because I am back to work today and feel all I've done this week is run in a circle. Like a hamster on a exercise wheel! Sue and I have gone out a few times this week and managed to get in 20km, which was no easy feat as we haven't run for 10 days, so needless to say my legs were a tad stiff yesterday afternoon and bending down was not fun.....serves me right.....because I know better than to take total time off....tsk....tsk.... so as it happens Sue calls me last night and says "Hey! The Lakes run is this weekend!" Holy crap! Already! So Sunday we are running The Four Lakes, its not a long race but plenty of hills......oh dear......but there is a goal at the end, to win our age group and since Sue and I are in the same age group this race, we are going over the line together, if it kills us. 10km goal is under 54 minutes! So we will be hauling!

I am back to work today and I just got back into my studio trying to arrange the furniture differently so that I could have a store at the front and the work area in the back.......I have a few ideas circulating around in my head but I want my co-worker to come over and help with the design cause she is the "Design Diva!".

My girls are back at home and Kait is getting ready for her big move tomorrow......not thrilled about that but its a good career move so thank goodness for Westjet. My son is very close to home right now but he might as well be 500 miles away because I won't get to see him as it is complicated.....oh well that's the way it goes. So all is well around here, the weather has been wonderful, just enough heat to keep everyone happy and get the garden growing.

I finished my skirt and wore it yesterday and I think it is quite cute but the next time I will make it a little smaller. Now I need to get busy finishing a picture for my son and get started on a couple of quilts, a rag quilt for Jane and a baby girl rag quilt for my cousin's new baby, Samantha.......and on that note I leave you with a photo from the beach. Have a great day and I hope you get up to something wonderful and creative!

A heart rock I found
Rusty Old Chain
Seaweed and rusty chain

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August..... already!

I think the months have always been a timer in our brains and the other day I thought "wow" only a month left and the kiddies are going to be back in school. There' ll be a lot of happy, dancing parents out there! In Canada that is, I believe our Americans kiddies are already back in.  Well, I have had a wonderful company filled week! Rene came down the Saturday and stayed for 3 great days, and we played the tourist and went around to all the sights and tested her strength climbing up top of Soames Hills and a few more times and she could have run up there. It was a beautiful day. Jane arrived on Sunday so Monday was our day to conquer the Hill.

The Trio on their way to the top

Rene on the low side of Soames

Jane relaxing in an Arbutus branch.......

The Hubs pointing out the
 different islands down below
After 3 beaches and climbing the hill, we went for a much needed lunch at the pub and relaxed and watched the sailboats in the Bay. The weather was perfect and continued through the week so the beaches were a great place to hang out and with the lowest tides I've ever seen, good time to go and wander around. But of course, everyone else had the same idea! Rene went back to the City on Tuesday to visit with her daughter for a few days before heading home. I'm sure the shops are well set for the winter months now! Good shopping Rene! She is taking a year off from work, so I am sure we will see each other a few times this year. Thanks for coming to see me Rene, it was great having you. And you are more than welcome anytime!. Jane stayed for a week and hung out and we shopped one day and then of course I worked so she visited her granny. And she tidied and puttered and organized my house. Its so nice having someone else who is OCD/ADHD around.  Then, the door swung open again and Kait came through for 4 days. It was her last visit for awhhile a she and her BF are moving to Edmonton to further their careers. Happy we aren't, its a long way to visit......oh is, what it is! and we will just have to adjust.  So.......Yes it has been very busy around here.

Jane loves Hydrangeas was always scouting out
the huge blooms
Well that's all for toda,y because there's just too much to catch up on and I don't want to bore you totally! I will try to finish up a few projects and get them posted. I finally finished the skirt I started a month ago, with a little alterations here and there I think its going to be perfect.

I hope your summer has been wonderful and you have enjoyed the lazy days of summer. I certainly have and this is the first time in twenty years that I am not dreading the beginning of September cause I'm already working and won't be going back to the education field. But its all good. Paint is WAY more FUN! What have you painted lately! Have a wonderful day!