Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August..... already!

I think the months have always been a timer in our brains and the other day I thought "wow" only a month left and the kiddies are going to be back in school. There' ll be a lot of happy, dancing parents out there! In Canada that is, I believe our Americans kiddies are already back in.  Well, I have had a wonderful company filled week! Rene came down the Saturday and stayed for 3 great days, and we played the tourist and went around to all the sights and tested her strength climbing up top of Soames Hills and a few more times and she could have run up there. It was a beautiful day. Jane arrived on Sunday so Monday was our day to conquer the Hill.

The Trio on their way to the top

Rene on the low side of Soames

Jane relaxing in an Arbutus branch.......

The Hubs pointing out the
 different islands down below
After 3 beaches and climbing the hill, we went for a much needed lunch at the pub and relaxed and watched the sailboats in the Bay. The weather was perfect and continued through the week so the beaches were a great place to hang out and with the lowest tides I've ever seen, good time to go and wander around. But of course, everyone else had the same idea! Rene went back to the City on Tuesday to visit with her daughter for a few days before heading home. I'm sure the shops are well set for the winter months now! Good shopping Rene! She is taking a year off from work, so I am sure we will see each other a few times this year. Thanks for coming to see me Rene, it was great having you. And you are more than welcome anytime!. Jane stayed for a week and hung out and we shopped one day and then of course I worked so she visited her granny. And she tidied and puttered and organized my house. Its so nice having someone else who is OCD/ADHD around.  Then, the door swung open again and Kait came through for 4 days. It was her last visit for awhhile a she and her BF are moving to Edmonton to further their careers. Happy we aren't, its a long way to visit......oh well.......it is, what it is! and we will just have to adjust.  So.......Yes it has been very busy around here.

Jane loves Hydrangeas was always scouting out
the huge blooms
Well that's all for toda,y because there's just too much to catch up on and I don't want to bore you totally! I will try to finish up a few projects and get them posted. I finally finished the skirt I started a month ago, with a little alterations here and there I think its going to be perfect.

I hope your summer has been wonderful and you have enjoyed the lazy days of summer. I certainly have and this is the first time in twenty years that I am not dreading the beginning of September cause I'm already working and won't be going back to the education field. But its all good. Paint is WAY more FUN! What have you painted lately! Have a wonderful day!

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