Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yeah! It's Wednesday!

Middle of the week and I have been busy doing all sorts of things and chores but finishing up a few projects has been my goal this week. I was getting ahead of myself and starting to stress so time to narrow in on details and finish what I started......not an easy task let me tell you.

The Hubs got a new job this past week, so there has been a lot of adjusting of schedules but the best part is no more shift work! Yeah! So no more crafting at midnight! Not sure how productive I will be during the day with so many distractions but the sleep might improve and that will be wonderful.....

So last week I posted making the mason jar hanging vase and this week I have been doing the wine bottle hanging vases and quite pleased with the results.....what a time I had finding the components though, not having a Home Depot or a Lowe's leads you on a merry chase.....but a wonderful girl at one of the industrial supply companies managed to track them down so I bought a dozen of everything so I wouldn't be without for quite a while. But I've found I really need a chop saw or whatever you call those things.....because my wrists and elbows were killing me after sawing boards by hand, not to mention sawing a steel rod with the hacksaw! Crikey! I'm going to need a cortisone drip attached to my arms soon! And I really need to get back painting the trim of the house.....its looking a little odd, but then, I doubt anyone notices.

Sue and I have been doing the Military Diet for 3 days........OMGoodness! It's a killer! But the results are good and its an excellent way to kick start proper eating and getting back on track.....because to tell you the truth, our running has been suffering with the 10 extra pounds we have been dragging around these hills! So we are on a mission to succeed.......aren't we Sue! No more junk! No more wine! No more cookies! Hahahaha!

Well a few photos to show you and then I must get outside and get at it...... because it is back to work tomorrow and then I will be kicking myself for not finishing the last few projects.......

This is basically my bean/zucchini garden

Hanging Wine Bottle Vase

This is the picture I am making for my son,
 it's very hard stencilling all
these words, I just need to fill in the outlines!

Baby Girl Rag Quilt - crib size

Pumpkins! This is the first time I have successfully
grown pumpkins! I am soooo excited!

Spaghetti Squash!
I'm soooooooo excited! First time for these too!!!
Hope you're having an awesome week, and you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer before its back to school and to Fall. Almost time to dig out those pumpkin recipes! Yeah! Love pumpkin!

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