Thursday, August 9, 2012

I know I will just ramble on today because I am back to work today and feel all I've done this week is run in a circle. Like a hamster on a exercise wheel! Sue and I have gone out a few times this week and managed to get in 20km, which was no easy feat as we haven't run for 10 days, so needless to say my legs were a tad stiff yesterday afternoon and bending down was not fun.....serves me right.....because I know better than to take total time off....tsk....tsk.... so as it happens Sue calls me last night and says "Hey! The Lakes run is this weekend!" Holy crap! Already! So Sunday we are running The Four Lakes, its not a long race but plenty of hills......oh dear......but there is a goal at the end, to win our age group and since Sue and I are in the same age group this race, we are going over the line together, if it kills us. 10km goal is under 54 minutes! So we will be hauling!

I am back to work today and I just got back into my studio trying to arrange the furniture differently so that I could have a store at the front and the work area in the back.......I have a few ideas circulating around in my head but I want my co-worker to come over and help with the design cause she is the "Design Diva!".

My girls are back at home and Kait is getting ready for her big move tomorrow......not thrilled about that but its a good career move so thank goodness for Westjet. My son is very close to home right now but he might as well be 500 miles away because I won't get to see him as it is complicated.....oh well that's the way it goes. So all is well around here, the weather has been wonderful, just enough heat to keep everyone happy and get the garden growing.

I finished my skirt and wore it yesterday and I think it is quite cute but the next time I will make it a little smaller. Now I need to get busy finishing a picture for my son and get started on a couple of quilts, a rag quilt for Jane and a baby girl rag quilt for my cousin's new baby, Samantha.......and on that note I leave you with a photo from the beach. Have a great day and I hope you get up to something wonderful and creative!

A heart rock I found
Rusty Old Chain
Seaweed and rusty chain

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