Sunday, August 12, 2012

Four Lakes 10km Run

It was a gorgeous day for a run! It could have been just a few degrees cooler because when the sun started blazing, it was smoking hot out there on the roads. Thank heavens for the trees that lined the road! A great race by all means. We didn't do the time we wanted but we did win our age category and beat a few of the younger runners which always feels good. We had a bit of trouble getting our breathing in sync at the start but finally around the 6km mark we got into a rhythm and that's about normal for us....that too comes with age, longer to warm up and then we are good to go. The sprint near the finish made me feel like throwing up but we needed to pass someone and finish together. Our times were the same but I think they had to give out a first and second because they don't usually have ties! But that's okay, we know we crossed the line shoulder to shoulder, and that's what counts. We did it together and accomplished a great time.

Garden Bay Lake

Sue balancing on one leg, putting on her flip flops

Cooling our feet cause they were smokin' hot,
as were we!

Our running buddy, Barry

Sue and Byron discussing
 the temperature of the lake

Byron, soaking wet after a dip in the lake

Barry, Etta, and Chuck

The group from the Gibsons Coffee Chase Running Group
Byron, Peter, Dave Bromely, David ,
Laura, Barry, Chuck, myself, and Sue

My bib, and carved wooden medal

So that was our morning, pretty exciting start to the day. Lots of fun and good people to share it with. The afternoon was spent in my studio arranging some much needed organization. That will come this week. Sue and I are off to the city tomorrow for a little shopping and a dentist appointment. I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

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