Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Multitudes of craftiness

Today I was so darn busy and crafty, I almost scared myself! After spending 10 hours on the roads, boats, and shopping.....we were pretty tuckered out when we got home last night. But a lot was accomplished and fun was had! And that's what a girls day in town is all about! So today it was down to business because I am sorrily lacking in the organization of my thoughts. Totally scattered and the ADHD has taken over my being! So first thing today, it was get some housecleaning, baking, ironing, laundry, and general getting my act together chores! It was so bad that I was struggling with getting out the door to my studio. But eventually the clouds cleared and the sun came out, so I made a bee-line for the backyard and got to work setting up the front part of my studio because....... one day I would like to get my studio open for business. I think..... I am on the right track. I bought the cutest darn wire mannequin coat rack at Home Sense, and my thought is to hang my cowls and hats on Missy.  And I think I may dress her up for the seasons ......just a thought........

This is not a good picture the lighting is terrible,
I am sorry about that......
I will do better the next time I take her photo.
This is one of the dressers that
I have repurposed, believe it or not
it is a pretty aqua blue......

This old wardrobe was totally disgusting
in its previous life, much more appealing
now, it too is aqua blu

I know you've seen these mason jar sconces around Pinterest and blogs so I have had these on my mind for a while and picked up the "pipe clamps" yesterday at Home Depot, the poor man in the hardware department was playing pictionary with me because I didn't know what they were called. Okay so I'm a little blonde, but who knew? But I know now what they're called.......fool me once but not twice! So I made a set of three and have plans for a bigger version with a twist tomorrow.......

I'm really happy with my wall cubbie that I fashioned but it didn't come without some torture and pain........

This is my boo-boo,
and it hurts like a son of a gun!
You would think that I would wear gloves or something but "nope!" never thought I would injure myself with a screwdriver........but it was kind of worth it, for this.....................

And each and everyone of these cubbies are
 filled with this and that!
Well I am worn out for today and time to catch some zzzzzzz's, Sue and I are going to do a long run in the morning and I "may" have to go to work tomorrow if my co-worker wakes up with the flu in the morning......so on that note good night and sweet dreams!

A little paint art..............


  1. You have been keeping very busy with very cute projects I see! Hope you both are enjoying the last half of the summer:)

    1. Yes very busy these days, the summer has been fantastic, a very nice change for sure!