Saturday, December 29, 2012

These times are a changin'......

is that a good thing? I think so. We had a wonderful Christmas around our house, I would say it was pretty relaxed and it was a few days of lots of food and goodies and good company. Our girls have gone back home to their lives and jobs but our son is here for another week. He will spend his week eating and sleeping and going home heavier and well rested for his next training session. We were talking that next year there isn't going to be a big family get together, as our son won't be here at home, so we may just have our first beachy Christmas. Which at this point in our lives could be kinda fun! There's no little ones around and a week in the sun might be just the ticket.

So I am ready to ring in the New Year with only one resolution......get back runniing at least 3-4 days a week. Not sure if I will run too many half marathons this year but you never know! In the meantime, I need to get rid of these headaches and even though it may not sound like a solution, running does help, must be the fresh air and the adrenalin rush. So that's my plan.

Here is our family and some of the festivites of the past week.

Some of the antics that went on.............
all about making memories......

Family together in 2012
for the week of Christmas
So now comes the cleaning up and packing away and purging some of the decorations, it feels so cleansing when the house is all cleaned up and de-cluttered but sad at the same time. But when Christmas is over Spring is just around the corner! If we had a week of sun then we could get the lawned mowed because it certainly needs it.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and you have a safe and prosperous New Year and that 2013 finds you happy, healthy and ready for adventure. Have a great day!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things that make you go "hmmmm"

We are taught from the time we are born to conform. To conform to current and conventional views. We are discouraged from taking risks and encouraged to follow the proven path. In many ways we have been taught to follow, rather than lead. We've been encouraged to look at the stars rather than reach for them. Yet inside each of us there exists a unique and authentic light, a set of beliefs that when us a sense of purpose and ignites the human spirit. We are all free spirits but at times we get so caught up in our everyday lives, we forget that each and everyone of us are unique in our own way. So as you go about your holiday preparations, take time to reflect and make memories that you will cherish in years to come. Whether its playing games with your children or reading their favourite stories or making a batch of cookies together. You can never get these days back........ so enjoy your time with family and remember to be thankful for your time together.......

I know a little deep but hey tomorrow is suppose to be the end of the world, and not that I think it is going to happen, but there's always a chance that something could happen that will change our lives take care of yourselves.

I've been better the last couple of days, so I did some major cooking yesterday.....tiring for sure, but the smells coming from the kitchen were incredible.

I have been making these boot cuffs and finished one pair and my model thinks they are very cute.

These are quite simple........ once I figured out the pattern of sorts, because well conforming isn't my strong point. But they are fairly similar to the original pattern. Lol! So out of one ball..... I should get 2 pairs of boots cuffs. Nice little stocking my next  project after the New Years is going to be buttons. That's right, you heard right.......don't you find its really hard to find funky buttons? I like ones that are a little out of the ordinary, so I think I will try making my own out of clay. I have a stash of Fimo and Sculpey clay from days gone by, so if it is any good I will do a few test runs and see what happens. This is what I have in my mind.... least.

Well yesterday was our day for a wintery blast but its been raining now quite steadily, so for the most part, the snow is gone. Phew! Thought I was going to have to break down and get out a shovel! Well onward with the day! Have a great day!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Good morning Monday........

Well what a weekend it has been around this household! I went to the city on Friday to pick up my son from the airport and on our way back, we were in a minor fender bender, except fenders these days don't bend then crack and break! Yes, we were rear-ended and my poor little car now has a very broken bumper, and I have a case of whiplash. This is my first ever accident, so I was a bit in shock but we took pictures and exchanged names and seeing as the car was still drivable, we continued on our destination and both of us were pretty quiet, not feeling all that well. My sons back was starting to feel sore and I was feeling a headache and nausea creeping up.

But basically, we are fine and laid pretty low all weekend, I can't believe we hadn't seen our son in a year. So many things have changed since he was here last year, he arrived a week after we moved in so things were pretty much still in an upheaval, so there many changes he hasn't seen.  We couldn't believe that he has grown taller and filled out. He's a pretty big guy now! But I think he is done now and him and his dad are the same height. There will be no arm wrestling this year, because someone would loose! I am officially the midget of the family! My dad used to say "good things come in small packages"..........and well so does "dynamite"! He wasn't wrong!

I finished up quite a few projects this weekend in spite of being out of whack, sewing was the hardest because for some reason my eyes were really bothering me but I completed the aprons and they are pretty cute, and two infinity scarves......The girls will arrive next weekend so the last of the baking will get done this week. In the meantime, trying to fill up this boy could be a challenge! He's not much into the sweets, so no point in making a bunch of cookies, he's a meat and potato guy.

This apron is for my sister-in-law
a little big for me but
it is pretty cute
This BBQ apron is for my brother,
we'll see how that goes over!

Black and red infinity scarves in a couple of new stitches
I like trying new stitches just to see how they make something so basic look a little more unique. Most scarves use a single crochet or double crochet but I like it when they are mixed up, only problem being I don't write things down so each piece is unique unto itself! One day I may just follow a pattern and try to repeat it! But I don't hold out much hope for that since I get bored quite easily..........Well I need to roll here and get to the doctor this morning and have my head checked out and wait for the insurance guy to call and give me the ninth degree and tell me where to go and get my car fixed.......and that should be interesting since there aren't a lot of choices! Have a great day, count your blessings and be thankful for the little things...............take nothing for is precious.........

Thursday, December 13, 2012

One more sleep.......

till our son comes home tomorrow! Not that I've been counting...... just seemed to take forever and then before I knew it, tomorrow has come. The spare room has been purged of all the gifts and I spent most of the afternoon trying to get everything wrapped but mmmmmm.......didn't quite get it all done......That darn Santa, I wished he wrapped his own prezzies!

That's my boy!
Today was the perfect day to stay home and get things done, I whipped out this morning to do a few errands and then managed to be back home by noon and set the wheels in motion to get a few more things baked. I have to have theeee worst luck when it comes to making peanut brittle......totally wasted a few pounds of peanuts and energy! The whole batch straight into the garbage. Sooo disappointing but that's happened the last two times when I've tried to make it. So I guess I won't be attempting it again anytime soon! So I made more Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Bark......besides............its easier on the teeth!

My next project is just
about finished!

So all I need to do is gather up the animals and we are all set to go! Yes it rained pretty much all day and I just poked my head outside and its still coming down. But on the upside, the snow shovel hasn't showed its face! Which is just fine by me.....:))))) I finished off one of the aprons I am making and so now all I need to do is the finishing touches to my sister-in-laws......back to work tomorrow for a few days and give my son time to sleep in and chill out with his dad for a few days. Next week I will do the last of my baking and get ready to just enjoy having our kids around. Now it would be nice if the weather would cooperate and dry up!

Just about time to pick up the hooks and get started on those boot cuffs, one pair is just about finished. Maybe I will have to go visit my lady with the shop and see if she is interested. Well time for a cup of tea, not much sleep last night, so here's hoping for a good couple of hours tonight. Hope your week has been going well, and your lists are getting smaller.....good night!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh I am bad................

I spent the day baking and sewing.....oooooh and the things I baked should be illegal! Nothing but calories but tis' the season! I finished off the Nanaimo Bars that I started last night, this morning, and debated sewing or baking.....sewing won for a few hours and once my back started aching it was time to do some baking..............
OM Goodness!!!!! I wanted to try the Caramel Chocolate Pretzel bark, and Shortbread Bites, both recipes were new and just the comments  enticed me into making them and they weren't lying! Terrible! Illegal! and Immoral!

Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Bark

Shortbread Crack Bites!
That's right because betcha can't eat just one!
We did a 5km race on Sunday in aid of the high school band doing a fundraiser for a trip to Hawaii. It was called the Holiday Hustle, there was also a food donation for the Elves Club and I think they did really well in the inaugural holiday race. Sue and I ran together for the most part and did a respectable 28 minutes in the rain no less.......we were soaking wet when we were finished. We waited around after the race as they had a whole whack of door prizes, I didn't win anything but Sue won the grand prize of a spa package! And who is she taking with her for an afternoon of pampering? Moi!!! What a good friend she is! Course if I had won, I would have taken her with me too......:))))))) Running twice a week isn't ideal but we are still going to our half hour boot camp workout twice a week also........January we will get back on track.

Our son is coming home on Friday! Yippeee! We haven't seen him since last Christmas, sure I talk to him lots and text back and forth but its not the same as a good old hug....I'm sure I will get to cook lots of meals for him and mother him to death! But that's what mom's of boys do.......our girls will be home the following weekend and the whole house will be turned upside down for a week....but we wouldn't have it any other way, now would we!

So if you're up to some delicious goodies check out Pinterest for these two won't regret it and either will the recipients of this morsels! Have a good evening!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wow, what a day!

I spent a good day in the city getting groceries and hitting a few stores that I don't normally get time to wander around and just look......So a day by myself was quite a treat, although I probably could have spent another few hours no problem! But to tell you the truth, I was tuckered out and my feet were starting to hurt. The main thing was I got everything done that I set out to do. The weather somewhat cooperated and only rained for a few minutes as I ran between stores!

I love this picture, and then the miserable creation
pooped on my car!

My new snowman, made from grapevine wreaths, a topper
hat painted black, now I need to add some
Christmas balls.....hee....hee....hee!!
You'll see!

There's something about a stormy sky

Churning sea, & driftwood
Stairs down to the tumultuous ocean

I added lights and greenery to the mantel,
it was bugging me not having lights,
 but with such a narrow ledge,
 it was a little tedious trying to get it all to
stay put.
Boot Cuffs my new project.......thanks Trace!
Well its back to work tomorrow, just for a few days and then some more baking needs to get done. The Chocolate Confetti, and Butterscotch Confetti, is done, next on the menu is Nanaimo Bars! Oh and Pretzel Bark! I hope you had a great day! What special recipes do you have on your list to make for the holidays? See you soon. Christmas Party tomorrow night!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 is........

I don't know where November went or how December came upon me so fast. But its here and it is what it is! Between working, shopping, crafting, baking and general what have you, the days are flying by and before I know it the kids are going to be walking through the door. Yikes! My son comes home in 9 days and then the girls filter in the following week. My shopping hasn't been too bad because I discovered online shopping! Thank heavens! Now the baking begins.....I did a few recipes yesterday, so I am finally in the mood......its hard to bake gluten free when there is only one in the house who can't tolerate gluten and one that could eat and eat and barely gain an ounce. But I am on a mission to have a variety, so far so good!

I've discovered my sewing machine again and after the holidays I want to do a few things that I have been saving, not to mention painting a room and changing the decor. I love Pinterest for inspiration but some days I tell you it can be pretty over whelming! Between Pinterest and Ravelry, I have enough projects to keep me busy for a hundred years!

My best news of the week is I have finally found a place to market my many crochet projects. Then today, my co-worker/friend put me onto yet another little item that she is sure to be a hit! OMGoodness! It just goes on and on!

Tomorrow I am heading to the city to get some groceries and pick up a few extras. I sure hope its not going to pour down again.

Today I did something different, it was a odd day for weather, one minute it was sunny and the next a storm was rolling in. That's the westcoast weather for you. So when I was on my way to see my mom, I thought I would stop and smell the flowers and take a few photos along the way.

A little different, not crafting or decorating but something I do enjoy, if I actually had more time I would probably spend more time wandering around, just taking photos of this and that. Something I would really like to do is take photos of peoples faces. I guess I could sit on a bench and just click away but then I need a better camera so in the New Year that will be my goal. So on a crafting note......................I made Mr. Snowman today.......but today I guess blogger is not going to let me upload anymore photos! Grrrrrrrr! Soooooooo frustrating some days! Anyway, I will try again tomorrow.

I hope you  have a wonderful evening and hump day tomorrow! Do you have your baking done? Have fun!