Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wow, what a day!

I spent a good day in the city getting groceries and hitting a few stores that I don't normally get time to wander around and just look......So a day by myself was quite a treat, although I probably could have spent another few hours no problem! But to tell you the truth, I was tuckered out and my feet were starting to hurt. The main thing was I got everything done that I set out to do. The weather somewhat cooperated and only rained for a few minutes as I ran between stores!

I love this picture, and then the miserable creation
pooped on my car!

My new snowman, made from grapevine wreaths, a topper
hat painted black, now I need to add some
Christmas balls.....hee....hee....hee!!
You'll see!

There's something about a stormy sky

Churning sea, & driftwood
Stairs down to the tumultuous ocean

I added lights and greenery to the mantel,
it was bugging me not having lights,
 but with such a narrow ledge,
 it was a little tedious trying to get it all to
stay put.
Boot Cuffs my new project.......thanks Trace!
Well its back to work tomorrow, just for a few days and then some more baking needs to get done. The Chocolate Confetti, and Butterscotch Confetti, is done, next on the menu is Nanaimo Bars! Oh and Pretzel Bark! I hope you had a great day! What special recipes do you have on your list to make for the holidays? See you soon. Christmas Party tomorrow night!

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