Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just another week being MIA>>>>>>>>>

Well needless to say, its been another one of those weeks, when time just gets away on me and before I know it, my life has been pushed fast forward X60....but life is good and much has been accomplished......the Hubs is on the mend and I escaped the plague.

I've been wanting to get rid of the fluorescent lighting that hung in the kitchen and finally thanks to our handyman electrician, we have new lights in over the island and a light finally in our bedroom on the ceiling. Who builds houses without room lights? Mood....smood...I say! When you're trying to find clothes in your dressers, it would be nice to see other than by the light of the silvery moon or flashlight!

Bedroom light fixture

New kitchen lighting by Martha Stewart
Now by the looks of things I will need to fill a few holes in the ceiling and paint the ceiling.....but that's okay it needs a lift. But not till spring.

You know how I like to start new projects........Even when, I've already got 184,739,532,111 projects already on the go! Even when, I don't know what the project is even going to be. And I usually don't ever feel guilty! Crocheting is an absolute obsession with me and it kind of goes in seasons but it makes my world a whole lot happier....must be the wonderful colors and textures of all the different yarns. It almost makes me dizzy when I go into a yarn store! The shawl I had made for a special someone, was a total surprise and one which is loved, so that makes it all the better.

Many matching sets of boot cuffs, fingerless gloves, and headbands.

Boots cuffs with wooden buttons.....love!!!!!!

Ever since I started this obsession with crocheting, thanks Deb! I've found myself in love with hooks! They aren't fancy, or expensive ( oddly in-expensive actually), or are they special in any way. But I love them. A few of my hooks are vintage ( from my Aunt Ev) and I enjoy using most of them.

I had been storing my hooks in a fabric pocket roll but I like to look at them, because some are pretty colors. And we know I like "pretty"! I always (because I learnt that lesson) keep whatever hook I am using at the time with the project, but then I thought I have a nice little planter that I don't use for plants. I'll put my hooks in it! It's so darn pretty!

I like them where I can see them and I can already see I need to get a few sizes that I am missing....for what you say? Don't know yet! But I'm sure I'll think of something. Well I better not quit my day job!

So where do you store your hooks or needles? Do you have a special place for them, too? Bye for now, hope your week is going well. I see sunshine in my future!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Good start to the day........

Just back from a really superb run this morning with Sue and Janet. It was a very chilly morning but wonderful to run in, the cold crisp air and the sun just breaking through the fog makes you feel so alive and refreshing! We took Janet on a route that we normally do along the beachfront and a few trails. The only downfall of this run is the very steep uphill at the end. But its well worth it.

Although it was definitely not this sunny this morning, I think you get the idea of what a beautiful place this is. There is a great path that runs along the beach then it opens up to the Esplanade where hundred's of people come weekly to walk and walk their dogs.
The Hubs does this walk weekly down and back is 5km of sheer beauty.

I sewed the Arbutus branch buttons on a few of the boot cuffs, I gave them a little sanding and clear coated them with Sansins Purity Glacier Satin clear finish. It's a non-yellowing finish. It's meant to just bring out the color and rings of the wood.

My first attempt at making a stone looking button.
Boots cuffs to match my daughters
cowl, maybe I should make a headband
to match also...........
 The Fimo I was using for these owls was a little on the dry side so it wasn't as supple as I would like it to be, especially when you're trying to fold it over, so it tended to crack a bit, but with a little paint and varnish, I think it will disappear, and I thought I would attache a pin to them and put them on some toques. We'll see........
Well I've had my coffee and feel  ready to take on the day. Hubs is still suffering from the flu so he is down for the count for another day. I better not get it.....I do not want to waster any time being sick......have a great day and I hope you find something that will inspire you to be creative!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday Morning.....

I love a lazy Sunday morning. Didn't run this morning, the Hubs has the plague and Sue was starting out earlier than normal as she starts the Learn to Run program this morning for the famous Vancouver Sun Run.......so I will run with her tomorrow. For today I have a few things I want to start and there's a laundry basket calling my name. When I went to the city Thursday, I needed a coffee grinder so that I could make coffee in our new coffee maker, I tried the other day but regular coffee just doesn't cut it. The lattes are pretty good though. I checked out quite a few espresso makers before deciding on one in particular and there are so many brands out there it was quite mind boggling.....but I decided on a Breville just because of the reviews and the cost of the machine. It's not like I will use it everyday, so I wasn't about to spend hundreds of dollars on one. But for the money this one will do what I want it to do, and that's make lattes.

These cups are a little small, but I guess you aren't suppose to have a bucket of espresso! I don't know, it works for me. But I do have a few choices now with cups so its all good.

I found a good hint on Pinterest the other day...... concerning bananas......I really don't like bananas when they start to go brown......they taste too banana-ey......yuck, I like them when they are still firm and green tasting.....I know weird.

These are only good for Banana Bread or muffins, and I'm not crazy about them either. But I will make them because they're good for the Hubs lunch.

Now I've tried this hint for the last few bunches I've bought and amazingly enough, I do think it holds off the ripening process for a few days so that you're able to get them eaten before they ripen too far.

You take tin foil and bunch it around the stem, and it works. They keep a few days longer. Who knew!

Well time for me to get a move on and start the day. It looks like it will be a nice day and with the Hubs under the weather, I will putter around the house, and make sure he's on the mend for work tomorrow. Do some baking, make dinner in the crock pot, buttons, fimo, laundry, some housecleaning.......jeez I'm going to have the devil behind me all week at this rate!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Enjoy your day!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Button, button, who's got the button?

Well another weekend is upon us again, and time for days off. We had a busy week at work. My co-worker and I decided the store needed an image make-over, and what better way than paint. The lime green and orange were starting to ware on us, and I found today, the color we picked which is a taupe-grey, grey with an undertone of brown in one light and grey-er tone in a brighter light. Whatever it is I really like it and found it quite soothing after having the bright colors from before. So I think Tracy will like it better also. When I start to paint I tend to get carried away and before I know nothing is safe, one thing leads to the next and well what started out as just part of a wall ended up the whole length of the store. But its pretty awesome!

My trip to the city on Thursday was just fantastic! I had 4 hours to peruse some new stores that I don't normally get to and of course a trip wouldn't be complete without Michael's, and I stocked up on Fimo and Sculpey because I've found many ideas on Pinterest for buttons! Speaking of buttons.............I went to Tracy's last weekend to find an Arbutus branch because I had an idea about wooden buttons.............I've seen them in stores and they are fairly expensive and I thought pffff.....I can make those! Don't I always just say that...............well with a little help from my friends, because I don't own a chop saw...........I now have 80 arbutus buttons. Yes sirree.......buttons galore!

I've taken sandpaper to a few and gave a couple a coat of clear satin finish to see what it would do to the grain of the wood. I might try staining a few a little darker just to bring out more of the grain. With the wood being a light color I also thought I could stain them a color to match whatever item I want to put them on. Between painting like a fiend and drilling all these holes my wrists are burning! So no crocheting tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I will get the gloves and boot cuffs embellished with buttons or beads.

Hockey is back on in North America, and at the moment the Canucks are being taken to the cleaners by the Ducks, but on a positive note Toronto won! Well time to climb into bed and get a good nights sleep. The better half is suffering with the flu and minor cold, so wish me luck! Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Just a quickie blog this morning as I need to get rolling as I thought I needed a quick trip to the city to get some errands done and hit Michael's briefly. But first I need to run and deal with the insurance people, OM goodness they are unreal! How people can be so dense is quite beyond my comprehension......but such is life........I don't know where yesterday went but I was busy, busy all day.....my brother dropped by and delivered a fantastic bookshelf that he made and couldn't use, so I took his offer and rearranged my studio to accommodate it. But first the space needed vacuuming and floors needed washing from episodes of "beer pong".....so it now nice and clean and sporting a wonderful new storage unit.

Then being the "most wonderful mom in the world" next to my mom of course......I made chocolate chip cookies and rice krispie squares for number one daughter, then put together the parcel and got it in the mail before it left the rock for the day.....and managed to get number 2 daughter's late Christmas book off to her. Then it was off to HIT class for a little burn......I sure love that class, a half hour goes by so fast and so much fun!

Here are the gloves with a few embellishments added, I think they are lovely, especially the darker grey ones.....love the yarn!

I want to find some black pearl buttons so I hope I have time to go to Fabricland, or maybe there will be some beads at Michael's that will work. So best get on my horse and go deal with the insurance people. Hope your day is filled with sunshine, it looks like a nice day coming our way!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I've done some research........

and I've been informed there is "no" app for crazy! Well never mind, I know I am not alone in this crazy world we live. I love my days off, although at times I think I should accomplish a lot more things but I get distracted quite easily and my mind and hands wander off. But I did manage to finish the basket project and frustrated myself by making a liner out of drop cloth yesterday. So now it's complete and all that yarn that was scattered around the house is in one place. AND I will not buy anymore until I use up what I have!  So I guess I better get busy! I've made 4 pairs of fingerless gloves and I have to say they are darn cute! I started following a pattern I found on Ravelry and due to my wondering imagination I changed it up. If I do say so myself, I prefer the ones I made up on my head......it is an easy pattern and a pair can be made in a few hours.....the embellishing probably takes more time. I like to add something that sets them apart from plain and boring........

Plain fingerless gloves, since this photo I have added
pearl buttons......

Perfect for driving and using your cell phones
Chocolate brown boot cuffs
Creme Boot Cuffs
So my collection is starting to get built back up, I finished off a few headbands which seem to be quite popular and according to one of my daughters, she could sell a few in her city......so I may have to send her some.

Dark Green headband, easy peasy,
hardest part is determining head sizes
Deep Mustard Headband with wooden button,
no two alike..........

Matching double wrap infinity scarf / cowl

I've been playing around making a few buttons with Fimo and Sculpey, and with a bit more practise I think I will be able to make some that will add some whimsy to these handmade headbands, but I need to make another trip to Michael's to pick up some supplies. Its been many years since I played with clay and its kind of fun!

These are silver and I mixed a transparent white in with it and parts of button turned a coppery color, an experiment and I don't mind it.....makes it go with more colors of wool.......so I will keep playing with a few other ideas, and see what I come up with. Well I hope you're having a good week and the your inspirations are taking you through January with some renewed enthusiasm! If you are ever lacking in ideas, visit Pinterest and follow some of my boards. I'm sure you will become as overwhelmed as I with some of the wonderful ideas out there!

Have a great day!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I've been wondering.........

if I should be medicated or not! When my days off roll around, I tend to go quite overboard with projects that having been circulating around in my poor overloaded brain. Then....... I have to go back to work for a rest. But that just gets me thinking again of things I could be doing......it's a vicious circle I tell you........is there an "app" for that?

Well I have been wanting to tidy up my yarn supply and use up many of the leftover balls, so that means headbands.....and its a good thing they are popular......then I got on the kick of fingerless gloves, and boot cuffs......but getting back to organizing yarn......I went looking for a basket of some sort, that I could leave out and it wouldn't be a mess............so after searching the many places to choose from (not!) I thought hmmmmm........I have something already (of course I do) so why not re-purpose it! Genius I tell you! Sometimes even I amaze myself! But what I was thinking about was totally 80's and totally UGLY.......well maybe not totally, as I did buy it, but that's decades ago.......who keeps things that long! Soooooooo......back to 2013........so after this "epiphany" I had. I needed a few paint bombs but not the product I would have picked so "kick" its taking longer than anticipated.......

Original looking basket very 80's

Inside as ugly
First coat of paint
Best Paint Bomb in the World! But unfortunately
I only had one can and then I had to use the
next choice......not impressed.

Not so much! I'm not going to buy this paint
again until they come up with something comparable
to Rust-oleum

This is after 3 cans of paint but I'm going
to use a can of Kilz Primer and do it one more time

I want to make a liner
 and I think I will use a drop cloth. then I can fill it
up with balls of Yarn!

Not bad but I'm still wanting it to be
more of the Heirloom White
So since I've figured out what's wrong with blogger I've managed to upload a few photos.  But for now, I need to get ready for work. So I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, and your skies are sunny. I know mine will be today but chilly! And that's just fine as long as its not raining!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Monday Morning.....

Well its back to "normal" for many this morning, school is back in from the holidays and most people are back to a normal work week schedule. Phew! Glad that eating frenzy is over for another year.....now comes the plan to get moving and organized. I was busy yesterday cleaning up the last of the Christmas decor, its always so cleansing to take the trees down and every room looks so spacious again.

I spent the day after our run in the morning, by putting my house in order so that I could concentrate on some crafting this week. And I am happy to say I finished the shawl I was contemplating, and since I didn't have a pattern I was forced to start over a few times until I finally found something that would resemble the original.....I love how it turned out and the colours are very pretty. I hope she likes it. It resembles one I saw on FB, this girl lives in Egypt so no hope of getting a pattern or a photo to show you because Blogger is acting funny this morning. But with the help of my guru Debbie, I finally figured out a pattern......did I write it down......no....but I will, because Debbie will want to make one as well.........not that she can't figure it out herself but I think she will try and knit it instead of crocheting it. I thought I wanted to knit it too and I may down the road, but seriously....... knitting kind of drives me over the cliff! And we wouldn't want that to happen! So here is my version.........

There are a few things that I am going to adjust, either when I make the next one or before I give this one away. But overall I am quite happy with it and I love the feel of how cozy it is.

Well I hope you have a great week and you come up with some inspriation that will take you through January and its dull grey skies! At least here they are, rain, rain, go away! Ciao for now!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our first run of 2013......

was in the Cliff Gilker Park. OM Goodness! What a gorgeous place! It is a rain forest, and the trees are incredible! Great paths and not too difficult. Some hills but nothing too, too demanding but an awesome 5km workout. The trails have a lot of roots that you need to be wary of, as you could end up flat on your face if you aren't watching where you are going and picking up your knees.

There was quite the turnout after an evening of partying and dancing.....not too many headaches and everyone was in high spirits and excited about a new venue!

The Group

Chatting and warming up

Sadie the poodle wanting to get going

A waterfall at the start of the run

One of the many bridges along the trails
Wonderful treats to celebrate the New Year run.
Thanks ladies and gents!

A little OJ and Coffee

Is it a bird or a plane Todd?

It was a great day with friends and a wonderful start to the New Year. Well its back to reality for many today and work is calling my name. Tomorrow we are off to the city and hopefully I can pick up a few supplies for my next project. Buttons anyone? Have a cheerful and creative day!