Monday, January 21, 2013

Good start to the day........

Just back from a really superb run this morning with Sue and Janet. It was a very chilly morning but wonderful to run in, the cold crisp air and the sun just breaking through the fog makes you feel so alive and refreshing! We took Janet on a route that we normally do along the beachfront and a few trails. The only downfall of this run is the very steep uphill at the end. But its well worth it.

Although it was definitely not this sunny this morning, I think you get the idea of what a beautiful place this is. There is a great path that runs along the beach then it opens up to the Esplanade where hundred's of people come weekly to walk and walk their dogs.
The Hubs does this walk weekly down and back is 5km of sheer beauty.

I sewed the Arbutus branch buttons on a few of the boot cuffs, I gave them a little sanding and clear coated them with Sansins Purity Glacier Satin clear finish. It's a non-yellowing finish. It's meant to just bring out the color and rings of the wood.

My first attempt at making a stone looking button.
Boots cuffs to match my daughters
cowl, maybe I should make a headband
to match also...........
 The Fimo I was using for these owls was a little on the dry side so it wasn't as supple as I would like it to be, especially when you're trying to fold it over, so it tended to crack a bit, but with a little paint and varnish, I think it will disappear, and I thought I would attache a pin to them and put them on some toques. We'll see........
Well I've had my coffee and feel  ready to take on the day. Hubs is still suffering from the flu so he is down for the count for another day. I better not get it.....I do not want to waster any time being sick......have a great day and I hope you find something that will inspire you to be creative!

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