Saturday, January 19, 2013

Button, button, who's got the button?

Well another weekend is upon us again, and time for days off. We had a busy week at work. My co-worker and I decided the store needed an image make-over, and what better way than paint. The lime green and orange were starting to ware on us, and I found today, the color we picked which is a taupe-grey, grey with an undertone of brown in one light and grey-er tone in a brighter light. Whatever it is I really like it and found it quite soothing after having the bright colors from before. So I think Tracy will like it better also. When I start to paint I tend to get carried away and before I know nothing is safe, one thing leads to the next and well what started out as just part of a wall ended up the whole length of the store. But its pretty awesome!

My trip to the city on Thursday was just fantastic! I had 4 hours to peruse some new stores that I don't normally get to and of course a trip wouldn't be complete without Michael's, and I stocked up on Fimo and Sculpey because I've found many ideas on Pinterest for buttons! Speaking of buttons.............I went to Tracy's last weekend to find an Arbutus branch because I had an idea about wooden buttons.............I've seen them in stores and they are fairly expensive and I thought pffff.....I can make those! Don't I always just say that...............well with a little help from my friends, because I don't own a chop saw...........I now have 80 arbutus buttons. Yes sirree.......buttons galore!

I've taken sandpaper to a few and gave a couple a coat of clear satin finish to see what it would do to the grain of the wood. I might try staining a few a little darker just to bring out more of the grain. With the wood being a light color I also thought I could stain them a color to match whatever item I want to put them on. Between painting like a fiend and drilling all these holes my wrists are burning! So no crocheting tonight. Perhaps tomorrow I will get the gloves and boot cuffs embellished with buttons or beads.

Hockey is back on in North America, and at the moment the Canucks are being taken to the cleaners by the Ducks, but on a positive note Toronto won! Well time to climb into bed and get a good nights sleep. The better half is suffering with the flu and minor cold, so wish me luck! Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Too funny I am making buttons too. I want to make them out of Birch I have a perfect branch. How did you add the pictures my Blog won't let me from my own pictures just pictures from my Blog. Help me if you can