Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday Morning.....

I love a lazy Sunday morning. Didn't run this morning, the Hubs has the plague and Sue was starting out earlier than normal as she starts the Learn to Run program this morning for the famous Vancouver Sun I will run with her tomorrow. For today I have a few things I want to start and there's a laundry basket calling my name. When I went to the city Thursday, I needed a coffee grinder so that I could make coffee in our new coffee maker, I tried the other day but regular coffee just doesn't cut it. The lattes are pretty good though. I checked out quite a few espresso makers before deciding on one in particular and there are so many brands out there it was quite mind boggling.....but I decided on a Breville just because of the reviews and the cost of the machine. It's not like I will use it everyday, so I wasn't about to spend hundreds of dollars on one. But for the money this one will do what I want it to do, and that's make lattes.

These cups are a little small, but I guess you aren't suppose to have a bucket of espresso! I don't know, it works for me. But I do have a few choices now with cups so its all good.

I found a good hint on Pinterest the other day...... concerning bananas......I really don't like bananas when they start to go brown......they taste too banana-ey......yuck, I like them when they are still firm and green tasting.....I know weird.

These are only good for Banana Bread or muffins, and I'm not crazy about them either. But I will make them because they're good for the Hubs lunch.

Now I've tried this hint for the last few bunches I've bought and amazingly enough, I do think it holds off the ripening process for a few days so that you're able to get them eaten before they ripen too far.

You take tin foil and bunch it around the stem, and it works. They keep a few days longer. Who knew!

Well time for me to get a move on and start the day. It looks like it will be a nice day and with the Hubs under the weather, I will putter around the house, and make sure he's on the mend for work tomorrow. Do some baking, make dinner in the crock pot, buttons, fimo, laundry, some housecleaning.......jeez I'm going to have the devil behind me all week at this rate!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Enjoy your day!

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