Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Just a quickie blog this morning as I need to get rolling as I thought I needed a quick trip to the city to get some errands done and hit Michael's briefly. But first I need to run and deal with the insurance people, OM goodness they are unreal! How people can be so dense is quite beyond my comprehension......but such is life........I don't know where yesterday went but I was busy, busy all brother dropped by and delivered a fantastic bookshelf that he made and couldn't use, so I took his offer and rearranged my studio to accommodate it. But first the space needed vacuuming and floors needed washing from episodes of "beer pong" it now nice and clean and sporting a wonderful new storage unit.

Then being the "most wonderful mom in the world" next to my mom of course......I made chocolate chip cookies and rice krispie squares for number one daughter, then put together the parcel and got it in the mail before it left the rock for the day.....and managed to get number 2 daughter's late Christmas book off to her. Then it was off to HIT class for a little burn......I sure love that class, a half hour goes by so fast and so much fun!

Here are the gloves with a few embellishments added, I think they are lovely, especially the darker grey the yarn!

I want to find some black pearl buttons so I hope I have time to go to Fabricland, or maybe there will be some beads at Michael's that will work. So best get on my horse and go deal with the insurance people. Hope your day is filled with sunshine, it looks like a nice day coming our way!

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