Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I've done some research........

and I've been informed there is "no" app for crazy! Well never mind, I know I am not alone in this crazy world we live. I love my days off, although at times I think I should accomplish a lot more things but I get distracted quite easily and my mind and hands wander off. But I did manage to finish the basket project and frustrated myself by making a liner out of drop cloth yesterday. So now it's complete and all that yarn that was scattered around the house is in one place. AND I will not buy anymore until I use up what I have!  So I guess I better get busy! I've made 4 pairs of fingerless gloves and I have to say they are darn cute! I started following a pattern I found on Ravelry and due to my wondering imagination I changed it up. If I do say so myself, I prefer the ones I made up on my head......it is an easy pattern and a pair can be made in a few hours.....the embellishing probably takes more time. I like to add something that sets them apart from plain and boring........

Plain fingerless gloves, since this photo I have added
pearl buttons......

Perfect for driving and using your cell phones
Chocolate brown boot cuffs
Creme Boot Cuffs
So my collection is starting to get built back up, I finished off a few headbands which seem to be quite popular and according to one of my daughters, she could sell a few in her city......so I may have to send her some.

Dark Green headband, easy peasy,
hardest part is determining head sizes
Deep Mustard Headband with wooden button,
no two alike..........

Matching double wrap infinity scarf / cowl

I've been playing around making a few buttons with Fimo and Sculpey, and with a bit more practise I think I will be able to make some that will add some whimsy to these handmade headbands, but I need to make another trip to Michael's to pick up some supplies. Its been many years since I played with clay and its kind of fun!

These are silver and I mixed a transparent white in with it and parts of button turned a coppery color, an experiment and I don't mind it.....makes it go with more colors of wool.......so I will keep playing with a few other ideas, and see what I come up with. Well I hope you're having a good week and the your inspirations are taking you through January with some renewed enthusiasm! If you are ever lacking in ideas, visit Pinterest and follow some of my boards. I'm sure you will become as overwhelmed as I with some of the wonderful ideas out there!

Have a great day!

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