Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Showers, the least of our worries

April was an especially wet month, and cool, but I guess when you see what is happening in the southern states, rain is the least of our worries. It certainly greens things up! My aunt lives in Arkansas but she is in Hot Springs and the tornadoes, wind and rain don't seem to hit them but I have a friend in Huntsville, and she is terrified and rightly so, it must be horrific to live through those storms every year!

We haven't had very many sunny days and so much knitting has been started. I'm probably a little over my head in the sweater I am making,  it's only in my brain. But with help I'm sure I will be able to pull it off. Claudia, another blogger and wonderful knitter has a few great tips on making your own knitted outfits, so I am trying to follow her great examples.

I've been getting together a whack of flowering bushes and perennial flowers that the deer won't make a smorgasbord out of. It was warm enough today to get my herbs into some pots and re-spray some wrought iron hangers shiny black.

I've always wanted to have lime green potato vines in a planter so this year is the year! What else I don't know, but more than likely yellow and purple will be in there somewhere.
I use a lot of cilantro so I hope these will take off like wild fire! And it can't hurt to have a little parsley.......
Mint, spearmint and lemon thyme......they smell heavenly!

The red leaf lettuce looks a little sad but it looks better than when I first put it in the pot. Now if I can just keep the slugs away! Yuck! Maybe I should hang it........
I haven't decided where this bunch of lettuce will go but I think I need another trip to Costco for pots! My next project is to plant up a row boat that I have positioned in the front yard. I wanted the hubs to dig out a dry river bed for me.........mmmmm.... what do you think his reply was? Guess I will have to work on that one for next year!
Life wouldn't be complete without a cloud formation in the evening sky. Clouds are amazing!
The soap is still in production, and I am trying to get a few batches ahead, color is always an issue and quite frustrating when I can't get the colors I'm looking for.........oh well that's another story for another time. Lets say a pray for the people down south and hope there aren't in the path of a storm.
Take care and I hope you're doing what you love, and love what you're doing.......ciao!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy as Bees......

We've been busy getting the yards cleaned up after a very wet few months and don't you just know how much work is involved with grass.......oh what I would do to eliminate all this grass! So that's our plan, to gradually introduce perennial flowers beds and rock, lots of rock or.........concrete would be ideal but unfortunately the lottery hasn't come my way yet. The Hubs has been super busy building garden beds for growing veggies, his favourite thing to do. He even built my mom a 4 x 8 bed for her veggies.

Sitting porch is ready

One more to come and another few yards of soil
Taurus Rhododendron
My next goal is to add a larger flower bed in the front yard along our fence line. I put in a few Lilac bushes, Japonica pierus (?), and Rhododendrons last years but in my folly I didn't realize what a "PAIN" it would be to mow around them and get the weeds out. Remedy will come this year, I'm all about taking the "pain" out of yard work. Spring is on its way, and that means more time spent outside, running, hiking, and hopefully kayaking, so having the yard looking its best, is music to my brain. OCD over messy yards cause me too much anxiety!

We've been talking about getting into a better routine with our running,  at least three days a week. I should be running 30kms a week, and that's not happening. For one, I hate to run by myself, lame excuse I know, but I like to talk! And I'm all about the social interaction.......Sue and I went out Monday and did a decent 10km, and Tuesday was a new hike for me to Hidden Grove with Carol.

Pine Bluff Lookout
Land between two waters
This has to be thee best verse about love......how sweet someone was
to put this on a bench out in the middle of a forest.......declaring their
undying love for someone.........awwwww.........isn't love grand!
This is pretty awesome also. I didn't know I would like hiking
through the woods as much as I do, and when I come upon things
like this it just reinforces
my heart...... there is goodness in the world.
A hike wouldn't be complete without our
trusty companion, Jackson, he loves
to run through the forest!
Well its a rainy day today, so time to clean the house, and get ready for the work week ahead. Well the two days that I have this week. A trip to the dentist........yuck! Hate to this on my agenda but a necessary evil to keep those pearly whites healthy!

Enjoy your hump day! And lets get crafting! Safe travels my friends, and keep your eye on the road ahead.......Ciao!

Best Place On Earth!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Maui in March......

Well here we are just about mid-way through April and I am just posting, life does get in the way along with work and a holiday to Maui.......Someone told me they were tired of looking at little sweaters, so I thought I should get "my act" together and post some photos of a beautiful few weeks in Maui. The weather wasn't fantastic..... but there were a few hot days and rained manly at night. The island was very green compared to the last time we were there, so I guess they needed the water. I could have done without it, I like the "Sun!"

We left at the end of February and took my mom with us as she is getting too old to be travelling by herself and needed some sun also. Our friends met us over there from Prince George and we hadn't seen each other for a few years, so that was really nice.....The flowers are gorgeous and I took too many of the hibiscus plants and the greenery but they are beautiful!

This is something you don't see anymore
We went to Fleetwood's Restaurant  in Lahaina for lunch one day when it was drizzling. Everyone knows the band Fleetwood Mac, and it was pretty neat to see all the memorabilia of the band from over the years. Apparently Fleetwood Mac is going on tour again this year but this time Christine McVie will be with them. Doubt we will go to that concert, I'd rather listen to the old "albums".

By now I think you must realize I have an obsession with rocks and formations, I couldn't resist taking a bunch when we went up to the Blow Holes past Kannapali.

We went a little farther than we were suppose to and ended up on the Highway to Hell, one lane and there's a sliver to pass in some areas, but mostly you back up......not an experience the Hubs is willing to try again! We finally found the Blow Holes, but on this day they weren't blowing! But there was some great rocks!

Life wouldn't be complete without some beach shots unfortunately the days were quite clouded so the quality of some of the photos was quite disappointing......the water was quite warm and the waves were very wild. The Hubs and I got slammed a few times, not to mention turned upside down and all around! Fun, if you know how to recover but definitely not for the faint of heart!

So a good time was had by all, and then it was back home to reality and work. Now its back to crafting, knitting, building, gardening, and painting......never a dull moment, and we seriously need to get back on track with our running schedule. Now that the injuries are healed its time to clock some mileage.....have a great day, and I hope you come up with some projects to inspire your creativity!