Monday, April 7, 2014

Maui in March......

Well here we are just about mid-way through April and I am just posting, life does get in the way along with work and a holiday to Maui.......Someone told me they were tired of looking at little sweaters, so I thought I should get "my act" together and post some photos of a beautiful few weeks in Maui. The weather wasn't fantastic..... but there were a few hot days and rained manly at night. The island was very green compared to the last time we were there, so I guess they needed the water. I could have done without it, I like the "Sun!"

We left at the end of February and took my mom with us as she is getting too old to be travelling by herself and needed some sun also. Our friends met us over there from Prince George and we hadn't seen each other for a few years, so that was really nice.....The flowers are gorgeous and I took too many of the hibiscus plants and the greenery but they are beautiful!

This is something you don't see anymore
We went to Fleetwood's Restaurant  in Lahaina for lunch one day when it was drizzling. Everyone knows the band Fleetwood Mac, and it was pretty neat to see all the memorabilia of the band from over the years. Apparently Fleetwood Mac is going on tour again this year but this time Christine McVie will be with them. Doubt we will go to that concert, I'd rather listen to the old "albums".

By now I think you must realize I have an obsession with rocks and formations, I couldn't resist taking a bunch when we went up to the Blow Holes past Kannapali.

We went a little farther than we were suppose to and ended up on the Highway to Hell, one lane and there's a sliver to pass in some areas, but mostly you back up......not an experience the Hubs is willing to try again! We finally found the Blow Holes, but on this day they weren't blowing! But there was some great rocks!

Life wouldn't be complete without some beach shots unfortunately the days were quite clouded so the quality of some of the photos was quite disappointing......the water was quite warm and the waves were very wild. The Hubs and I got slammed a few times, not to mention turned upside down and all around! Fun, if you know how to recover but definitely not for the faint of heart!

So a good time was had by all, and then it was back home to reality and work. Now its back to crafting, knitting, building, gardening, and painting......never a dull moment, and we seriously need to get back on track with our running schedule. Now that the injuries are healed its time to clock some mileage.....have a great day, and I hope you come up with some projects to inspire your creativity!

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