Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just a funny story....

One day last week one of my students, who shall remain anonymous, had been to the Art Gallery and spotted a particularly unique idea. So after much discussion last week about her use of profanity in each sentence, I had thought this week everytime she swore she would get soap. So she mentioned these "Soap in Sweater". She said if I got her one of those, she would definitely curb her language. So that got me to thinking mmmmm....... "I could do this". All in the name of rehab! Well as it turns out it wasn't or isn't a new concept. Many blog girls have done this craft with wool roving. Well, I didn't have wool roving but I do have felting wool. So I proceeded to make these.

felted sweater around bar of soap

labels were made on computer

So the idea is to use the felted bar with the soap on the inside to bath or shower with. Then as the soap wears away the wool felts smaller, and smaller. Well needless to say she was quite tickled that I would make these "Soap in a Sweater". I know a little crazy but what a neat idea! I think I will be whipping up a few more of these in the near future.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yikes! Where does the time go?

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday, Happy Birthday Honey! I really can't believe how old she is. Because I sure don't feel as old as I am. But we won't go there. So I hope she had a wonderful day! I think Kamloops put on a parade down main street just for her!

What a busy time.....I have been soooo busy all week, working really gets in my way. Not too mention I had a "bout" of the flu which I didn't need. I'm still not feeling up to snuff but it is what it is?  I've been getting things done, baking, decorating and managing to get a few runs in and a few days at the pool. We had a few days of snowfall, which it always does when it warms up. Either it's blue skies and -20C or cloudy and snowing all day. Geez can't win. I think I am partial to -10C and blue skies. Running in fresh snow is a killer, my thighs are screaming after Fridays run. and it's not a happy scream, believe you me!!

So far I have two trees done. And the main tree will have to wait till after next weekend. I need the space in the livingroom for our staff party. But the rest of the house will hopefully be all decked out in the holiday spirit!
Dining room tree

Family room skinny tree

Minimalist mantle

Old World Santas
 Tomorrow I have a few things to do outside and the Mister is going to be hanging lights, backyard was done today, so it's getting there slow but sure. Have a nice weekend, I'm off to knit! Soap in a sweater! Too funny....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

All wreathed out!

I think I can say that I am truly and honestly "wreathed out". Now I can start the marathon of decorating. I have decided to do the front porch in a wintery theme of blue and white. It's a good thing I have many themes packed away and I didn't throw out some of my bigger items. So it it happens to warm up this weekend, -20C this morning, gee whizickers that's cold! So I will start digging around. These I put together last night, the pom poms took a few days and getting the Styrofoam base took a few days of altering the size. So I have a vision, now to pull it off.

These "beauties" will eventually get hung outside.

Up close and personal

Blue and White Snowflake Theme
 I trip to the Box on the hill is in order to pick up a couple of those 3M hooks to hang these outside on the doors, I have to give Trish credit for these beauties and all the work that was involved. She said I had to have two wreaths on my new doors. So I got busy trying to think of an idea and again Trish said blue and white as I was stumped as to which way to go, so now to put it all together.

It's been cold and snowy the last few days so there has been "no" running but I think winter is here to stay so we will have to bite the bullet and get out there on Monday. Come hither or high water, but in this case cold or snow. Have a great weekend! Happy crafting!

Monday, November 15, 2010

On the run Monday..

After a busy weekend of crafting a few Christmas goodies, Monday morning began with our 10km run, just to keep us on our program for the week. It was a beautiful morning cold and crisp. Sure is a lot of traffic in the morning at 5:30...... why aren't you people still sleeping?

This past weekend was very productive not that last weekend wasn't but this time they were for my projects. And for once I did not venture out of the house on Sunday. It was so nice to stay home and just craft, bake, and drink tea. I pulled off two wreathes. I know where one is going but can't say cause she reads this and I want it to be a surprise. So I will have to send it down this week.......

So needless to say my girls think I am a little quackers.....but they should be used to that by now. So the Fall decor is getting packed away and the Christmas decorations will start happening soon. Trish says I have to have two wreathes for the new front doors, and since I don't have two the same I better get my crafty on and get them done soon. Did somebody say work? Oh ya I forgot I better get ready! Spoil

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mid week Sunset

I am ever so thankful that tomorrow is Remembrance Day and a day to remember our fallen soldiers and all of our men, women, brothers, sons, sisters,daughters, husbands, wives, grandchildren. I will not go down to the service at the City Hall tomorrow, because it is just too emotional for me at this point. A day off from work will be very nice also. I talked to my son today and they are in a parade tomorrow in Brandon. I am sure the Memorial Service at the Base will be very moving.

When I was driving home this beautiful sunset was happening and do you think there was a place to pull over? There was a spot I thought would be perfect but there was already someone there. So this was out the window. I think I managed to capture the moment. It looked like something ominous was going to happen.....but nothing did, it just turned into night.

I hope your Remembrance Day will be a peaceful and restful day.....................

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A very full weekend....

I have no idea where the weekend went but before I knew it, it was Monday morning and I felt like I needed a vacation from my life! It was a good busy but busy non the less. Hokey Doodle! Jane was home on the weekend so I knew there were a bunch of things I wanted to get down for her and Kait before she went back home. There was cooking to do, baking, and a couple of crafts , to be made. the plan had been that she was going to come home more towards her birthday and being the procrastinator that I am I thought I still had a few weeks to get everything done. So I am my own worst enemy. But I got it all done and more to boot!

Kait's wreath

Jane's wreath

The Baking...................

The Cooking..................

The cutest little Christmas trees

Bags of assorted Christmas goodies

So we had a few yummy meals that were planned ahead, although I think we missed the lemon meringue pie...oh well maybe next time. We did a little shopping but nothing I had to have for myself. I did want to find a new pair of jeans but it wasn't to be. Jane's back has been paining her for a good month or more more, hopefully with a little more rest she will be mended. Not fun I know that for sure.

I 've been having a creative block. I'm not sure where it went but I'm hoping to get some inspiration and to get motivated soon. I think I burnt myself out in the summer. The wreaths turned out especially pretty....I think. I love it when things come together. It seems so rare at the moment!

Running has been good. Saturday we did 13 km, as last weekend the 16km did me in and that was the last thing I needed this weekend. Monday, as we were heading towards the bridge a snow storm came upon us and lasted about 10 minutes. Yikes too soon! The snowflakes we blinding. The cold has been a bit much so I am thinking I will have to wear more clothing from now on and the shorts are put away till the temperature goes above 0'C. Well that's it for today. Have a good evening!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Things I Know For Sure

I’m not sure if it is the season and the time of year, or if it’s my age ( quit smirking) that's making me more reflective. But these past few weeks I have noticed that I've been  a little more in tune with my thoughts and feelings about life. I know…..deep eh? I think its because when your kids leave home and you finally have time to do the things that you have put off because of raising kids, keeping, house, working and just general running around with your head cut-off, you can breathe deeper.

So I have been thinking about some of the things I know for sure:
1. Life does not slow down because you don’t have time to do everything.

2. Just because your kids are young adults doesn’t mean they still don’t need you

3. Eating too much gives you a stomachache

4. Drinking too much gives you a headache

5. Staying up too late makes you grouchy

6. I love reading, knitting, running, sewing, crafting

7. I love the smell of Autumn leaves

8. I love the air after a rainfall

9. I really don’t like water running but I do it.

10. Friends are important

11. Talking to your mom everyday is a gift

12. Missing your kids is normal

13. Messy kitchens drive me crazy

14. Chocolate is a good pick me upper

15. Red wine tastes better than white again

16. Comfortable shoes are a must with all outfits

17. A feather bed is heaven at the end of the day

18. Rainy days are to be enjoyed

19. Baking is good for the soul

20. A hug anytime makes you feel all warm and fuzzy

21. I love peace and quiet

22. Don’t take your life for granted, it can be over all too soon.

23. Do what you love and love what you do.

24. Take solace in your surroundings

25. Laughing is more fun than crying but both are cleansing

Well that about covers some of the things.  I know I could find a few more but really that’s enough to make up your own list and to think of things that are important in your life.  Have a great night!

Monday, November 1, 2010

This is the Last word..............

On Halloween that is........so today is November 1st. I would like to know why the time is flying by so fast. Halloween is offically over and since we are Canadians, Thanksgiving has come and gone so that leaves only one ting left for the year..........................CHRISTMAS! Yippeeeee!!!!!!! But I have one last  thing to say about Halloween....and since you already know that I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I do love the little kids and their costumes, and I especially love it when some poor worn out mother spends a lot of time making costumes and not just going to the store and buying one off the rack.
So of course I have a few shots of my kids next door in the adorable costumes that their mom Susan made for them. Unfornately, they were unable to take the Lion along for the Trick or Treating because he wasn't working with the program. 

The OZ Characters with the Cowardly Lion
So now that all that hoopla is over it is now time to focus and plan on the next big event of the year. Trish and I tried to do our run to the bridge this morning but on our way down the road the power went out and we were in complete darkness and then one of the street lights further down the road burst and there was a huge shower of sparks etc. So not sure what happen, if a tree came down or what, so we immediately turned our little feet around and headed back home, so much for that 4.5km warm up run. Oh well somedays are like that. Hope you have a great Monday!