Monday, November 15, 2010

On the run Monday..

After a busy weekend of crafting a few Christmas goodies, Monday morning began with our 10km run, just to keep us on our program for the week. It was a beautiful morning cold and crisp. Sure is a lot of traffic in the morning at 5:30...... why aren't you people still sleeping?

This past weekend was very productive not that last weekend wasn't but this time they were for my projects. And for once I did not venture out of the house on Sunday. It was so nice to stay home and just craft, bake, and drink tea. I pulled off two wreathes. I know where one is going but can't say cause she reads this and I want it to be a surprise. So I will have to send it down this week.......

So needless to say my girls think I am a little quackers.....but they should be used to that by now. So the Fall decor is getting packed away and the Christmas decorations will start happening soon. Trish says I have to have two wreathes for the new front doors, and since I don't have two the same I better get my crafty on and get them done soon. Did somebody say work? Oh ya I forgot I better get ready! Spoil

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