Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yikes! Where does the time go?

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday, Happy Birthday Honey! I really can't believe how old she is. Because I sure don't feel as old as I am. But we won't go there. So I hope she had a wonderful day! I think Kamloops put on a parade down main street just for her!

What a busy time.....I have been soooo busy all week, working really gets in my way. Not too mention I had a "bout" of the flu which I didn't need. I'm still not feeling up to snuff but it is what it is?  I've been getting things done, baking, decorating and managing to get a few runs in and a few days at the pool. We had a few days of snowfall, which it always does when it warms up. Either it's blue skies and -20C or cloudy and snowing all day. Geez can't win. I think I am partial to -10C and blue skies. Running in fresh snow is a killer, my thighs are screaming after Fridays run. and it's not a happy scream, believe you me!!

So far I have two trees done. And the main tree will have to wait till after next weekend. I need the space in the livingroom for our staff party. But the rest of the house will hopefully be all decked out in the holiday spirit!
Dining room tree

Family room skinny tree

Minimalist mantle

Old World Santas
 Tomorrow I have a few things to do outside and the Mister is going to be hanging lights, backyard was done today, so it's getting there slow but sure. Have a nice weekend, I'm off to knit! Soap in a sweater! Too funny....

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