Saturday, November 20, 2010

All wreathed out!

I think I can say that I am truly and honestly "wreathed out". Now I can start the marathon of decorating. I have decided to do the front porch in a wintery theme of blue and white. It's a good thing I have many themes packed away and I didn't throw out some of my bigger items. So it it happens to warm up this weekend, -20C this morning, gee whizickers that's cold! So I will start digging around. These I put together last night, the pom poms took a few days and getting the Styrofoam base took a few days of altering the size. So I have a vision, now to pull it off.

These "beauties" will eventually get hung outside.

Up close and personal

Blue and White Snowflake Theme
 I trip to the Box on the hill is in order to pick up a couple of those 3M hooks to hang these outside on the doors, I have to give Trish credit for these beauties and all the work that was involved. She said I had to have two wreaths on my new doors. So I got busy trying to think of an idea and again Trish said blue and white as I was stumped as to which way to go, so now to put it all together.

It's been cold and snowy the last few days so there has been "no" running but I think winter is here to stay so we will have to bite the bullet and get out there on Monday. Come hither or high water, but in this case cold or snow. Have a great weekend! Happy crafting!

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