Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Making some lists......

I realize I have been absent for a few days but don't think I've forgotten about you all out there in blogger land. Nope not a chance. But I have a small window these days to be on the computer, so after I read a few of my blogging friends and peruse around some new blogs, my head gets all cluttered with new ideas..............well then you know what happens.....one thing leads to another and I am off on another tangent! But now that I am a working girl.....I have work things jumping around in my head and I am trying to retain a whole new spectrum that I have only dreamt about! Not only am I learning about paint, color matching, tinting, stains, there's blinds and window fashions! It's quite mind boggling to say the least but I think it is going very well. Tracy and I are working well together and I think as a "team" we will survive! She is soooooo knowledgeable and has been in the business a long time, so I am trying to absorb as much as I can for the days when I am alone in the store.

I spent the majority of Sunday out in my studio, arrange fabrics and painting shelving and emptying totes,  I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I did manage to assemble another ship to add to my fleet. Also the yarn bowl.............well that was a different project............the jury is still out on that one...............I do like it but. I'm still thinking.

I started cutting out the material for the aprons for Tracy and I. With my two days off I have some finishing up to do so that's why I need a list! My OCD and ADD are working overtime! Then I want to make a skirt that I found a pattern for over at Freshly-Picked, very cute and easy, peasy! Then there's a can or two of spray paint calling my name, and two chairs that want a new hue!

New bedding from Ikea, fell in love with this!

Two boats to float

Star Ship
Yarn Bowl

This is the one I got my idea from but mine is much denser, and
another reason why I am OCD.......higgley piggley I am not!
I wish I was......is there an App for that?
Well I am done for the day. Just going to write down a few things whilst they are still at the top of the pile. I hope you're having an excellent week so far and the sunshine is in your forecast. Not so much for us.......here's hoping! Thanks for stopping by. Please leave me a comment, I love to hear your feed back and I will always answer you back or follow your blog, cause that's the way I roll! Good Night!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Start Spreading the News............

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today.......New York, New York! OK I'm kidding! Geez, a girl can't have any fun! But I do have news and its very exciting! Yes sirree Bob!

This Craftyrunner is back in the workforce! I hadn't expected it to happen so fast but I'm getting in on the start of a new business and it's really fun! Here's a hint......

Does this not look like me? Darn tooting it does! I got a job at a new paint store/decor store! I'm really excited! Cause ya know how much I loooove paint! The store is called
"SPLATTERS"! Is that not the best name! We are carrying a line of paint from the big guy Benjamin Moore. It's called "Coronado" and its brand new to Canada. Well at least to this part of the west coast. So right now we are setting up the store and getting familiar with the products, our grand opening is set for June 16th. Lots of balloons, contests, media, goodies.........oh and fun! Yup I love paint so it seemed like a great place for a colorful girl like me. There may have to be some juggling around so I can still get my running in and crafting but I'm not seeing any problems.  Well that's my big news for this week. Just to keep you on your toes don't ya know!

I've solved a few problems in my sleep that last few nights, yes I actually slept last night, it's so nice to wake up feeling refreshed instead of feeling like a steam roller came through in the night! When Sue and I ran the other day we took a "wee" detour through one of the decor shops on the main drag...............and "oooooed and ahhhhhed" over the "new" items............so we've decided, we need to start a fund! OMGoodness! Lock the doors! But the wonderful lady that owns the store told me a little secret about one of their techniques and I am running with this one and you will see how "fantastic" in the next few days! Well I need to get this show on the road. Hope you have a great Friday and and even greater weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Gatherer.............

Yup I am back from the "city". Good times, lots of shopping! Did I get the things I went for? Not so much! I am terrible when it comes to Ikea...............OM Goodness! Attention Deficit at its best! So I didn't end up getting the dressers that I showed you, not sure I want to go that route but I could still go back......do you have any idea how hard that place is to stayed focused in? I love that store!.............Good thing I stayed on budget! But I did get a new duvet cover and it is beautiful! I am thrilled with that purchase....I'm kinda of picky when it comes to my bedroom and its bedding.............it has to be peaceful and serene so that I have some place where I can unwind and recharge my batteries. And my studio is getting that way, a few more days and tomorrow the Hubs is going to help me move a few things around.

So today was quite busy, even managed to get in a run this afternoon with Sue. Nothing strenuous, as there's no need just time and mileage right now. Then I decided I needed more pieces of driftwood for my "fleet" that I am building. So off to the beach we went and we must have walked a few miles down the beach, and on my way back is when I started gathering boat bodies! Well needless to say, my arms were loaded and the Hubs pockets and hands were full.

I think there are enough to complete my fleet,
I would like to make a "large"vessel but haven't seen the right

My cache of boat bodies

My wooden cork screw
And of course, the trip wouldn't be complete without
finding some sea glass and two pieces of pottery.
Well this Gatherer is done like dinner, time enough to drink my tea, and toodle off to  bed and read my new book.  Till we meet again! Sweet dreams.................

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rain, rain go away!

I completely understand why we need rain but it doesn't mean I have to like it! Today was a real "bean soaker", and that's a good thing because I do have beans in the ground and watering them everyday so that they will germinate is not my idea of fun! So it's had its day now back to the sun. Please and Thank you! I wasn't overly productive today but I did get out to my studio, once I got it warmed up a bit with an electric heater. I wanted to paint the inside of the drawers before I put anything in them. I have a dirt phobia, and can't handle grime! So once they are dry, clean and  ready, I am going to put away all my fabrics, and odds and ends. I spent a few hours out there and once it was warm it is very pleasant to have that space. Of course my minds wanders and I envision all sorts of projects being made and created.......I am an artist if only in my own mind! My mind is so full of things I want to make...........its getting very crowded in there!

Tomorrow we are going to the city..............finally! I know we were going to go last week but we thought better of it, it's bad enough on a normal day let alone a holiday weekend. So I have a few lists and places I want to hit, and I hope I can make the most of the day.  Tonight I made my first "driftwood sailboat" can I just say "CUTE"! Okay so I'm biased........I like cute.
I knew when I found this piece of driftwood it looked like a boat and so it is a boat! Not that it would float but that's not the point now is it?

I think I should name the first boat in my fleet......

I'm not sure what is on a sailboat deck but some rope
 and a seashell seem appropriate!

Darn cute....don't ya think? Simply but they'll get more
intrigue as they go!

Ikea ..................
more storage and with a table top......
a workstation

My next project......note to self hooks!
Yes it is never too good for me to have time to think, but there was no running today, we went yesterday and those guys are tough to keep up with, but Sue and I do our darndest to not be left behind! So tomorrow is suppose to be the trails again, but that will depend on the weather......otherwise Sue and I will have to get out on Wednesday for a mile or two, or three, or four......not sure what we will do. One thing is for sure the longs runs need to start again, one month till the next race!

Well time to go read a book. Right now I am liking Joseph Finder.......have a good evening! Sleep well.................

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beauty in the form of Rhodoes

Coming from a northern climate I wasn't too familiar with rhododendrons until yesterday. Since moving to the coast I have seen many different rhododendrons in various shapes, sizes, forms and colors. But when we went to Caron Farms on Saturday, my mind is full of the heady bushes and shrubs. Of course, I would have liked to buy one of every color but erring on the side of caution, I stayed with the two smalls plants that I have for this year and will wait to see how big they grow and just how much room I will need for the other plants.

My absolute favourite

A Taurus Rhododendron

Can you see living here? I can......Hotel Lake

A lone lily pad

Lovvvvvvvve the red ones!

I could totally live on this lake....................

I believe this one is called Furnvalle's

Frog pond
Well I had great plans for today, besides making my mom a birthday dessert and going into see her, but after a restless sleep last night and a exhausting run this morning, I wasn't very productive. Then it rained and my enthusiasm went all to heck! Tomorrow I am hoping for some inspiration. And a wee bit more energy. I have so many things waiting to get started on..............yikes! Well anywho.......yesterday was a great day and spending time with my family was a real treat. Not everyday when you get to see your Mom have her 86th birthday! I should be so lucky! Well time for tea. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. With tomorrow being a holiday many get another day off and so there's an extra day to be creative and do something fun! Praying for sunshine!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine!

I think we are pushing our luck with the sunshine these days....but I 'm not complaining! It has been wonderful all week and just makes you smile:).......and smiling is a good thing! Speaking of smiles..............yesterday the Hubs and I took our first kayaking lesson. Did I mention "Fun!" Oh ya baby! I've been in a kayak before...years and years ago when I was a mere child, when they were made of birch bark and flipped faster than you could yell "man overboard!" So my "Mother's Day" gift this year was kayaking lessons, and the Hubs didn't want to miss the fun so he signed up too! He wasn't disappointed! The lesson was only three hours but that was long enough to get a handle on things. Annie and Tyrone from Alpha Adventures were great tour guides and instructors. Lots of tips and information and very knowledgeable when it comes to kayaking and different types of kayaks. So now we are on the look out for some kayaks. Of course I would like a colorful, pretty one! So do they make those?

Our lesson started at the crack of dawn.........well not really....... the crack of 10 more like it! But it was still coldish, and I was thankful for my hoodie, but I really needed gloves as my fingertips were cold.

Sitting on the inside of Poise Island,
 having a few paddling instructions

Instructor trainee~Tyrone

The Hubs~looking very relaxed

Annie~Tour Guide~Instructor


The Hubs and "Moi"

***Lots of Starfish***
Yes kayaking was lots of fun and I look forward to going out again. Today we are off to see a Rhododendron Farm with my brother, sister-in-law and mom and then for lunch. Wonder what plants I will come home with? Hope your weekend is great! Ciao for now! Lets keep smiling sunshine!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Change of plans....

Well we've decided to postpone a trip to the city just because it's a long weekend and the traffic will be nuts! Not too mention the ferry waits...............so I can do a few things in the studio today and sort through some of the boxes and put things away. Tomorrow, we are doing kayaking lessons. I hope its a little warmer than this morning but I kind of doubt it! The weather is suppose to be cooling off, nothing like a dip in the cold Pacific!

So what plans do you have in the works for the long weekend? A little BBQ-ing, hiking, friends.....we are going on Saturday to a rhododendron farm and see some world famous plants, I may try to find a deep red plant for our front yard. It's my Mom's birthday on Sunday so maybe I will make a cake and have another BBQ too. Well onward for the day.......

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Be Prepared.................

That's right be prepared. When I haven't been here for a few days and so much has been going on........I would suggest a fresh cup of coffee and a cookie! So here goes...............last week we left off with my new studio was all painted and was I attempting installing up new light fixtures.....well that all went just hunky dory.....so when Friday rolled around reality bit me in the butt and I needed to get some flooring.......flooring does not come cheap even when you try to go the least expensive route! Well,  I just went mid-range cause for one, I am not winning any lotteries and I wanted it to look nice and to be durable at the same time.........there is no getting around paying a thousand dollars here or there......more there .......I mean really, I think the taxes are what put you over the edge! But regardless the flooring was order and install was set for today but they came yesterday and got it put in.....but more on that later. 

So "How was your Mother's Day weekend?" Mine was excellent! This was the first Mother's Day in I don't remember when, that I got to spend it with my mom. She is 86 and she has been a "Mom" for 63 years, my brother is way older than me.............and I don't think I have spent half my life with her on Mother's Day.....so we had a lovely day, and she could actually have dinner with us. Another surprise arrived at the front door that morning in the form of my middle child................I kind of thought she may surprise me as she was in Vancouver visiting her cousin and just put the two trips into one.

This is "Kitty"! Don't ask me how she got that
name, just happened.

Kitty and her Dad.......he really misses his kids when
they aren't around........maybe one day.......here's hoping!
Anyways......................back to the story at hand.................so we had a busy Mother's Day and lots of surprises, not only did Kitty arrive but she brought gifts from my other kidlets......Jane had sent down a big goodie bag full of Momma treats and new drapes for the studio, and Daniel had asked Kait to get me flowers which came in form of a flowering Begonia! I wasn't expecting any phone call from my son as he is out on a training course but he managed to get a signal and called that evening. And sent me a few photos of his humble abode for the week! Yikes! Glad it was him and not me! So all in all it was a pretty spectacular day. Even a trip to the beach for an hour.

So back to the studio, floor is laid after much time wasted trying to get the glue to dry enough so that they could start laying the floor......so it took a little longer than expected........but finally mid-day it was complete and I could finally get working on putting up the curtains. On Sunday when we went to the beach, I found a branch and thought it would make the perfect curtain rod, so I hauled it home and cleaned it up, and Monday I sanded it and peeled off bark.......managed to get a touch of "heat stroke" sitting with my back to the sun........not to swift.........so I was not feeling too well that evening. But Tuesday morning I awoke feeling somewhat "normal" ....we won't go there!

Floor is laid, curtains were up with a few consults with Pam and Jane via telephone......and by putting our heads together and scrounging around in my collections I pulled off a rather unique curtain rod. Sorry I didn't get a good photo will have to try again......

So after all that, it was a gorgeous day and time to hit the "beach". I had said to the Hubs the other day when someone asked if we were "vacationing" over here  and we said no we live here.......that " we took a permanent vacation from our life and now we are on holidays every day!" and its so true living here. Each day is like being on vacation.......its just too bad I don't get a paycheck! Must do something to remedy that very soon! So that's been my life in a nutshell for the last 5 days and on that note....I hope you are having a fantastic week, and getting into all sorts of adventures and crafts.....see you soon!

Boy on the beach trying to fly a kite

New curtains and branch curtain rod
sorry need to take a better photo

New lights that "I" installed and lived to tell the tale!
Adding "electrician" to my resume!

Life wouldn't be complete without a few sandcastles
on the beach

New floors, called driftwood
I think I should included a before picture and an after so you can appreciate all my hard work..............un momento...................

The "Before"
Thank goodness, that's done! Now for the making pretty! Going to the city to get a few things and hitting Ikea! Whoop! Whoop! Talk to you soon!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


TGIF tomorrow! Boy what a week! Hard to believe that it was only 4 days ago that I ran 21.1 km. Because this week I have made up for the pathetic time I had. Not that it was about the time, I just felt that I should have done better, if not for extenuating circumstances. Anywhooooo.....I have been frantically working in my studio trying to get as much done as possible before the Hubs is off next week so that we can go to the City and visit Ikea! Whoop! Whoop! Cannot wait. It's been a tiring week because I am not that strong and my back tends to give out on me when I do too much. But I have persevered and finally got the majority of the hard work done. Now comes the beautifying and decorating! That's way more fun than filling holes, electrical and painting!  So stay tuned..... you will not believe the transformation! I didn't even let the Hubs see the results of today! He has to wait till tomorrow. Anywayssssssssssssssssss.....................time for this Chiquita to hit the sack. The arms are jelly and the back is done.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Best Laid Plans........

My plans for today kind of went astray....but sometimes change is good. I was up early and it looked like it was going to be a nice day and it did not disappoint. Sue and I went for a short run this morning at 9, just a quick 6.5km then came home and did a bit of laundry and tidying up. Hubs went out for a bit so I did some organizing and straightening up.....why is it when you aren't around for a few days things get out of control? When he came back the sun was shining brightly, so we decided to take a hike up Soames Hill. He's never been up there so I said sure.......got to do these things when its a nice day, it could rain tomorrow! It was a little hazy today so the photos didn't really turn out that well but still it was a good hike and plenty to see.

Hubs nearly at the top

Sitting up top looking down on the bay

Standing on the edge of the world

Hubs sitting on the edge being very brave!

One of the 200 steps to the top

Bridge over the ravine

Very large cedar trunk

There was the tiniest fairy mushroom growing on the
side of this stump.

I saw this stump and it looked
like a giants legs sitting and
hanging over

This tree stump had obviously been chopped
down at one time and then.....
 another tree grew out of the stump!
Well that was our hike and then I went and got a few groceries and some marigolds for the new flower beds and tonight I went running again but this time it was trail running! Only for half an hour but what a workout! Pocahontas running through the forest. What a great place the Sprockids Park! Just awesome trails. Lots of mountain biking trails.  I think Joanne and Annie would love this place. So things are back to normal tomorrow and some serious painting is going to take place. Please sun.......... shine! I have many things to do, and tomorrow is another short run day........thank heavens recovery was fast, I guess there will be another half in the future! Good nite all! Have a good sleep!