Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday was wrecking day!

Boy what a day I had yesterday! I put on my best clothes (cause when I renovate I like to look good!) seriously........I went out to my studio in the morning with the intention of sanding and vacuuming spidey webs but one thing led to another as they do.........and boy what a day did I have! Well the best thing was the sun came out so that made me more energized and I hauled things out onto the patio. Yikes the things that hide behind cupboards! Good thing a few spiders and bugs don't bother me when I am wheeling a big shop vac! Sucked up all those creepy crawlers and "things". Yuck! But it felt so good to clean up that mess!

Left-side of studio

Right-side of studio, note wardrobe on right...
big ideas!

Overall space

Very large hole, this will magically turn into
an art piece.

Spidey webs and "things"
The lighting issue......not sure what's going
to happen electrician?

An old wardrobe

Drawers from cupboards

This drawer was cause for some serious
This piece was cause for some concern from my neighbor Peter out back, he leaned over the fence and wanted to know if I was trying to "get out" or "get in" ???? Yes there was ALOT of banging and crashing going on and finally I managed to bust this drawer loose and turning it into tooth picks. Man Oh Man! was it pinched in there tight. I have ideas for both these cupboards and have decided I just might go into business "Demolition and Restoration" of furniture. It's so satisfying smashing and re-building pieces!

So back to yesterday........I spent the better part of cleaning, smashing and then eventually painting but first I had to take a trip to the hardware stores to find supplies and get paint. It was not a pretty sight! But I did put on my Lulu hoodie to cover my shirt but I forgot I hadn't put on any makeup! Oh well, I was on a mission! At least they won't recognize me the next time I go! There aren't many choices here for hardware supplies but I chatted up a few of the workers and got some ideas. So when I go to the city this weekend, I can pick up a few things. Flooring is my dilemma right now......but when I was in one of the stores, there was a floor layer picking up supplies, so I made a friend and got his card so at least now I know what I should be looking for.

So by 5:00pm I was done and called the Hubs to bring home dinner. I hit the medicine cabinet, soaked the grime off and a glass of wine!  I was feeling much better. No running yesterday, didn't need it, I was cross training! Today I will take it easy and then I am off to meet the girls! Come on sunshine do your thing this weekend!

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  1. You do make me laugh! You are an amazing woman and accomplished so much ~ and certainly deserved dinner brought home with a glass of wine :)