Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beauty in the form of Rhodoes

Coming from a northern climate I wasn't too familiar with rhododendrons until yesterday. Since moving to the coast I have seen many different rhododendrons in various shapes, sizes, forms and colors. But when we went to Caron Farms on Saturday, my mind is full of the heady bushes and shrubs. Of course, I would have liked to buy one of every color but erring on the side of caution, I stayed with the two smalls plants that I have for this year and will wait to see how big they grow and just how much room I will need for the other plants.

My absolute favourite

A Taurus Rhododendron

Can you see living here? I can......Hotel Lake

A lone lily pad

Lovvvvvvvve the red ones!

I could totally live on this lake....................

I believe this one is called Furnvalle's

Frog pond
Well I had great plans for today, besides making my mom a birthday dessert and going into see her, but after a restless sleep last night and a exhausting run this morning, I wasn't very productive. Then it rained and my enthusiasm went all to heck! Tomorrow I am hoping for some inspiration. And a wee bit more energy. I have so many things waiting to get started on..............yikes! Well anywho.......yesterday was a great day and spending time with my family was a real treat. Not everyday when you get to see your Mom have her 86th birthday! I should be so lucky! Well time for tea. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. With tomorrow being a holiday many get another day off and so there's an extra day to be creative and do something fun! Praying for sunshine!

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