Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Be Prepared.................

That's right be prepared. When I haven't been here for a few days and so much has been going on........I would suggest a fresh cup of coffee and a cookie! So here goes...............last week we left off with my new studio was all painted and was I attempting installing up new light fixtures.....well that all went just hunky when Friday rolled around reality bit me in the butt and I needed to get some flooring.......flooring does not come cheap even when you try to go the least expensive route! Well,  I just went mid-range cause for one, I am not winning any lotteries and I wanted it to look nice and to be durable at the same time.........there is no getting around paying a thousand dollars here or there......more there .......I mean really, I think the taxes are what put you over the edge! But regardless the flooring was order and install was set for today but they came yesterday and got it put in.....but more on that later. 

So "How was your Mother's Day weekend?" Mine was excellent! This was the first Mother's Day in I don't remember when, that I got to spend it with my mom. She is 86 and she has been a "Mom" for 63 years, my brother is way older than me.............and I don't think I have spent half my life with her on Mother's we had a lovely day, and she could actually have dinner with us. Another surprise arrived at the front door that morning in the form of my middle child................I kind of thought she may surprise me as she was in Vancouver visiting her cousin and just put the two trips into one.

This is "Kitty"! Don't ask me how she got that
name, just happened.

Kitty and her Dad.......he really misses his kids when
they aren't around........maybe one's hoping!
Anyways......................back to the story at we had a busy Mother's Day and lots of surprises, not only did Kitty arrive but she brought gifts from my other kidlets......Jane had sent down a big goodie bag full of Momma treats and new drapes for the studio, and Daniel had asked Kait to get me flowers which came in form of a flowering Begonia! I wasn't expecting any phone call from my son as he is out on a training course but he managed to get a signal and called that evening. And sent me a few photos of his humble abode for the week! Yikes! Glad it was him and not me! So all in all it was a pretty spectacular day. Even a trip to the beach for an hour.

So back to the studio, floor is laid after much time wasted trying to get the glue to dry enough so that they could start laying the it took a little longer than expected........but finally mid-day it was complete and I could finally get working on putting up the curtains. On Sunday when we went to the beach, I found a branch and thought it would make the perfect curtain rod, so I hauled it home and cleaned it up, and Monday I sanded it and peeled off bark.......managed to get a touch of "heat stroke" sitting with my back to the sun........not to I was not feeling too well that evening. But Tuesday morning I awoke feeling somewhat "normal" ....we won't go there!

Floor is laid, curtains were up with a few consults with Pam and Jane via telephone......and by putting our heads together and scrounging around in my collections I pulled off a rather unique curtain rod. Sorry I didn't get a good photo will have to try again......

So after all that, it was a gorgeous day and time to hit the "beach". I had said to the Hubs the other day when someone asked if we were "vacationing" over here  and we said no we live here.......that " we took a permanent vacation from our life and now we are on holidays every day!" and its so true living here. Each day is like being on vacation.......its just too bad I don't get a paycheck! Must do something to remedy that very soon! So that's been my life in a nutshell for the last 5 days and on that note....I hope you are having a fantastic week, and getting into all sorts of adventures and crafts.....see you soon!

Boy on the beach trying to fly a kite

New curtains and branch curtain rod
sorry need to take a better photo

New lights that "I" installed and lived to tell the tale!
Adding "electrician" to my resume!

Life wouldn't be complete without a few sandcastles
on the beach

New floors, called driftwood
I think I should included a before picture and an after so you can appreciate all my hard work..............un momento...................

The "Before"
Thank goodness, that's done! Now for the making pretty! Going to the city to get a few things and hitting Ikea! Whoop! Whoop! Talk to you soon!

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