Monday, May 21, 2012

Rain, rain go away!

I completely understand why we need rain but it doesn't mean I have to like it! Today was a real "bean soaker", and that's a good thing because I do have beans in the ground and watering them everyday so that they will germinate is not my idea of fun! So it's had its day now back to the sun. Please and Thank you! I wasn't overly productive today but I did get out to my studio, once I got it warmed up a bit with an electric heater. I wanted to paint the inside of the drawers before I put anything in them. I have a dirt phobia, and can't handle grime! So once they are dry, clean and  ready, I am going to put away all my fabrics, and odds and ends. I spent a few hours out there and once it was warm it is very pleasant to have that space. Of course my minds wanders and I envision all sorts of projects being made and created.......I am an artist if only in my own mind! My mind is so full of things I want to make...........its getting very crowded in there!

Tomorrow we are going to the city..............finally! I know we were going to go last week but we thought better of it, it's bad enough on a normal day let alone a holiday weekend. So I have a few lists and places I want to hit, and I hope I can make the most of the day.  Tonight I made my first "driftwood sailboat" can I just say "CUTE"! Okay so I'm biased........I like cute.
I knew when I found this piece of driftwood it looked like a boat and so it is a boat! Not that it would float but that's not the point now is it?

I think I should name the first boat in my fleet......

I'm not sure what is on a sailboat deck but some rope
 and a seashell seem appropriate!

Darn cute....don't ya think? Simply but they'll get more
intrigue as they go!

Ikea ..................
more storage and with a table top......
a workstation

My next project......note to self hooks!
Yes it is never too good for me to have time to think, but there was no running today, we went yesterday and those guys are tough to keep up with, but Sue and I do our darndest to not be left behind! So tomorrow is suppose to be the trails again, but that will depend on the weather......otherwise Sue and I will have to get out on Wednesday for a mile or two, or three, or four......not sure what we will do. One thing is for sure the longs runs need to start again, one month till the next race!

Well time to go read a book. Right now I am liking Joseph Finder.......have a good evening! Sleep well.................

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