Friday, May 25, 2012

Start Spreading the News............

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today.......New York, New York! OK I'm kidding! Geez, a girl can't have any fun! But I do have news and its very exciting! Yes sirree Bob!

This Craftyrunner is back in the workforce! I hadn't expected it to happen so fast but I'm getting in on the start of a new business and it's really fun! Here's a hint......

Does this not look like me? Darn tooting it does! I got a job at a new paint store/decor store! I'm really excited! Cause ya know how much I loooove paint! The store is called
"SPLATTERS"! Is that not the best name! We are carrying a line of paint from the big guy Benjamin Moore. It's called "Coronado" and its brand new to Canada. Well at least to this part of the west coast. So right now we are setting up the store and getting familiar with the products, our grand opening is set for June 16th. Lots of balloons, contests, media, goodies.........oh and fun! Yup I love paint so it seemed like a great place for a colorful girl like me. There may have to be some juggling around so I can still get my running in and crafting but I'm not seeing any problems.  Well that's my big news for this week. Just to keep you on your toes don't ya know!

I've solved a few problems in my sleep that last few nights, yes I actually slept last night, it's so nice to wake up feeling refreshed instead of feeling like a steam roller came through in the night! When Sue and I ran the other day we took a "wee" detour through one of the decor shops on the main drag...............and "oooooed and ahhhhhed" over the "new" we've decided, we need to start a fund! OMGoodness! Lock the doors! But the wonderful lady that owns the store told me a little secret about one of their techniques and I am running with this one and you will see how "fantastic" in the next few days! Well I need to get this show on the road. Hope you have a great Friday and and even greater weekend!

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