Sunday, October 16, 2011

Savouring the Sunday......

I tend to really like Sundays......not so much today! Crikey! Didn't get to run this morning.....could have but my friend ditched me already! Susan is quite depressed about me moving but usually on a Sunday I run with Trish and she is in Vegas.....I hope I get a few days in this week. Fall running is so refreshing. It was mighty cold this morning, frost killed off the last of the flowers except my geraniums I have under the front porch.... I think I better put them in the garage before they really get hit....I'd like to keep them if I can but that could be a problem.

Today I went to a baby shower for my girlfriends granddaughter.....OMG I love babies!  She is the cutest little button I have seen in a while. Olivia was very tiny when she was born, a few weeks premature but she is making it up in leaps and bounds. You forget how tiny they really are until you old a little one. My son was premature and tiny compared to the girls, but it is amazing a pound makes.

Olivia looks like she might be a little chubby....
but far from it I had the zoom in on her!
Well I have been busy preparing for the move, editing and throwing out things.....what a job! A little painting and spiffing up was in order for a few things and I think I am gaining on the chores. I won't be leaving as soon as we thought, depending of course on how long it takes to sell the house. People are funny when they are buying houses, I guess I am no different......I think I have a really nice house and unique in its own way, not your average cookie cutter house. So we will see just how long it takes. I am thinking positive and visualizing being in my new home and having my children at home in our new house somewhere on the Sunshine Coast. Well I am bagged and need to check on a paint job to see how it is drying. have a nice evening and I hope your Autumn is as beautiful as a picture.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's been a trying Thursday.............

Well change is in the wind for this craftyrunner! We are going to be moving in a few weeks as the Hubs has taken a new job. It all happened very fast but we are pleased. I will be closer to my mom and brother/sister-in-law and no more foot deep snow runs. The Sunshine Coast is called that for the very reason they get a lot of sun. Of course my luck it will rain continually all winter long. Ouch!!! Bite my tongue! No really...... this is a good thing and adjustment and change are always hard whether you plan it or it just happens. So the next few weeks are going to be very trying and I am sure there are going to be many tears. I have lived here for 42 years, and raised my children here, my friends I will miss, as you well know, women treasure their friends. I have many, many good friends and all for different reasons, some I have know since elementary school, high school, working in various jobs, and friends who I have met through my new passion....running. I' ve come back to normal this week but boy was I tired.....Hokey Doodle!

I won't be going in the Artisans Fair now as it will be too closing to the moving date and besides I do not think it is being run very well this year. In past years the jury has made decisions long before now on the entrants and they still haven't notified as much as Debbie and I are disappointed I am thinking it is going to be a Gong Show. So maybe I will just set up a shack on the side of the road and sell my knitted/crocheted wares. Or I guess there is always Etsy....if I had a clue on how to set up an account!

Well time for this girl to hit the hay. What a day! Way too many things rolling around in this head. Time to shut it down for the night.

Good Night...........................

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Take it away Tuesday.....

I know pretty amazing to be back here again within a 24 hours!! But I didn't get to say enough about the wonderful running friends that I have. I have to thank Trish for putting up with me for so many months, now she will get to go on vacation and not feel guilty about leaving me! I survived the half because of the encouragement of my running friends.

We are a weird bunch but I wouldn't trade you in for all the chocolate in Purdy's....... no really! I learned so many things and tricks of the running mind over the weekend. My seasoned runners have many idiosyncrasies ........ I know I will probably pick up a few of them...........althou I tend to march to a different drummer than most "normal" people, well I guess you can't really call runners "normal" because we are not in any stretch of the imagination in the "normal" range.......I've learned what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, what not to eat, what not to drink, what not to wear.......and a whole bunch of other little tidbits....but since I am not very superstitious...... I'm thinking my mind just needs a little tweeking.

Kelowna Marina
Kelowna is certainly a pretty place to run, although I was having a hard time focusing on the road ahead when I was gawking at the houses around the route. My oh my, what a contrast in some areas. It was making me dizzy in some neighborhoods!

So I was thinking maybe come May, I might attempt the BMO Vancouver International Marathon, only the half of course because doing the full and seeing first hand the pain of my friends.....sorry "Sisters" I'll just enjoy your victories and celebrate with you.

So after looking at the route for Vancouver there is a possiblility maybe we will have to do another road trip. But in the meanwhile it's back to work and time to do some winter clean up around the yard and do a little cleansing of the house. Have a wonderful day! What is your dream?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

My, my but doesn't time just whizz by! Well my weekend has been very busy. The BMO Okanagan Marathon was this past weekend in Kelowna and I had entered into the half not the full as I have a desire to live beyond the moment! On Friday, a group of us girls drove to Kelowna, Tanya, and Paige were running the full marathon and Joanne and I were doing the half. Susan my neighbor also came but she drove down with the family to spend Thanksgiving with her mom and sister and families. It was an awesome weekend ! The weather was perfect for running, cool and just a little sun, we did have a few sprinkles of rain during the run but they didn't amount to anything. We were actually happy to have a bit of rain to cool us down a bit. Susan was my running partner for the half and was there solely to make sure I had a good run and mission was accomplished, we did the half in 1:58 not too bad for my first half. I did train somewhat but I didn't really follow any specific plan, other than running as many days as my feet would allow. Joanne taped my feet the morning of the race and I was happy that she did. I had "happy" feet! My plantar fasciitis didn't bother me one bit......and I finished in the my range of 2 hours. Course finishing the 2 minutes earlier made me feel pretty good.

Dr. Morgan applying tape to re-enforce support on the arches of my feet.
Just hanging out till our time to race.

My marathon running partner, Susan who literally
yelled at me to "giver" the last half km, for which I am very
"thankful" or I would not have been under the two hour mark!

Me and the Girls after a very long day arriving home very late and
very tired and sore. But a very successful weekend full of PR's for everyone.

Joanne just chilling waiting for the mad shopper to return!

Tanya, worn out from Friday and spent the Saturday resting her legs for Sunday, she is now qualified to run The Boston Marathon in 2013. Way to go "T"!!!!!!!
 On the Friday night when we arrived, of course,  had to do a little shopping.......Lululemon here we come! Did I happen to mention what a "Shopaholic" Little Miss Paigey Lou is? Oh my goodness, and you thought I was bad. No siree! This girl is the winner! She managed to wear out Tanya Friday and then Saturday was full on again. Joanne and I burnt out real quick. So we tagged along and I tried to keep her under control! No minor feat let me tell you! Her husband should be thankful that I was there to keep him out of the poor house. What a girl! She is soooooo funny! And did I mention she ran the full marathon in 3:20. Yup 2nd overall!

That's our Paige in the center. Yea Paige! Good Job!
We also have a new marathoner in the works. Susan's son, Quin,11 ran his first big race doing 5km in 26 minutes. Way to go Quin! Awesome run! His feet were flying!

Quin with his Mom

Quin flying down the pipe to the finish!

The boy with his "Bling"
 So that was my weekend. Very busy and now I am very tired. Back to work tomorrow. To top off the weekend, the Hubs and I went to his sisters and enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner. Thanks Leanne for a wonderful meal! Well that's it, that's all for tonight. Have a good sleep! I know I will!