Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Take it away Tuesday.....

I know pretty amazing to be back here again within a 24 hours!! But I didn't get to say enough about the wonderful running friends that I have. I have to thank Trish for putting up with me for so many months, now she will get to go on vacation and not feel guilty about leaving me! I survived the half because of the encouragement of my running friends.

We are a weird bunch but I wouldn't trade you in for all the chocolate in Purdy's....... no really! I learned so many things and tricks of the running mind over the weekend. My seasoned runners have many idiosyncrasies ........ I know I will probably pick up a few of them...........althou I tend to march to a different drummer than most "normal" people, well I guess you can't really call runners "normal" because we are not in any stretch of the imagination in the "normal" range.......I've learned what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, what not to eat, what not to drink, what not to wear.......and a whole bunch of other little tidbits....but since I am not very superstitious...... I'm thinking my mind just needs a little tweeking.

Kelowna Marina
Kelowna is certainly a pretty place to run, although I was having a hard time focusing on the road ahead when I was gawking at the houses around the route. My oh my, what a contrast in some areas. It was making me dizzy in some neighborhoods!

So I was thinking maybe come May, I might attempt the BMO Vancouver International Marathon, only the half of course because doing the full and seeing first hand the pain of my friends.....sorry "Sisters" I'll just enjoy your victories and celebrate with you.

So after looking at the route for Vancouver there is a possiblility maybe we will have to do another road trip. But in the meanwhile it's back to work and time to do some winter clean up around the yard and do a little cleansing of the house. Have a wonderful day! What is your dream?

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