Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I was MIA but I am back!

I was MIA for the last few weeks, sorry about that......between having a few meltdowns and getting ready for our holiday and crafting a few projects....I kind of lost track of time...but the train is on the track and will be rolling regularly for a while. So.............yes holiday...............we took a week and went to the Dominican Republic and spent a week in the sun. Great times, lots of sun, beaches, fancy drinks, good friends topped off a wonderful week away from the the daily grind. A beautiful resort, lots of restaurants, nice beaches, wonderful staff, clean, definitely a 5 star hotel.  But reality bites and its back to the rain and hopefully soon....... Springtime.

The Dreams ~Punta Cana
So as I get back to "normal",  hahahaha!!!!!! Okay, okay it's not funny........  But I do have a few things to catch up on and then back to the training, and that is a "Scarey" thought but I laced up the shoes today and went out for 8km, now I just need to make a schedule and stick to it.......oh dear......I hate schedules! Oh well.......take care and I'll be back soon! Have a good night........

Monday, February 13, 2012

So what's there to say.....

Busy weekend.......hahahaha! Well lets just say I found plenty to do. Sunday, went running with the group and then coffee afterwards, I think I just may sign up to do a Spin Class after I get back from a week in the sun. Also contemplating finding a job, not sure where .......I don't really want to be tied down to regular days or hours. I would like to meet a few more people. Sue had to work for a few hours today, so we went out this afternoon for our Monday run, Blimey it was warm. We even wore shorts but short sleeves were almost in order. We picked a route that we have done before, but we went out a little further and failed to realize a huge hill in the middle of it and then a huge climb at the end, suckers for punishment I tell you!!!! But we'll look good in our jeans!

I added a small pillow to the chair at the front door, as it was suggested perhaps a "Coat of Arms" to make a statement  but unfortunately I am without one of those. Maybe I should make one up and start something. Hmmmm....... now that's a project.  So a pillow will have to suffice for now. I just may go to the City tomorrow to pick up a few things for our holiday, and to stock up on some junk food. A Costco run is in order and possibly Home Sense......I just never know what to pack and always end up taking too much. Does that mean I am "high maintenance" or just like a boy scout and "always prepared".

Odd leaf print on a rock that is usually under water......

Yet another leaf print........weird

Giant Starfish, gorgeous!

A solitary day.......

Well that was my day, time to pack it in, and maybe, just maybe, a good nights sleep. Wouldn't that be nice!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh the things we think...............

So what happens when you start hunting through Craigslist? Hmmmmmm......Oh I don't know...... maybe looking for a fantastic find, or fluke upon a super deal......Ya right! Like that ever happens!  Well, I did fall upon an ad, but I thought for sure it would be gone by now......but nooooooo! She still had this lovely little chair. I probably could have gotten it for a better price but it is quite lovely and I thought "oh what the heck". It's perfect. A place to sit and put your shoes on.

Une petite chaise noir

Cute isn't it?? I couldn't resist....

Love the little bird and the twig perch

And to top the day off, a cold glass of my favourite
stout.............ahhhh the Isle of Green and Leprechauns
So how was your Saturday? Sue and I didn't run this afternoon, it's too bad, she was feeling under the weather. Because as it was, it turned out to be a rather nice day. But I now have a clean house and the laundry is done. Hopefully tomorrow she is feeling better. Back to making slippers, and some Greek Salad for dinner. Enjoy your evening!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wonders never cease

I don't know about you but sometimes when I am trying to "create" a project I wonder if it will actually turn out as well as I think it will. I guess artists always doubt there abilities and then they are times, when you just "fluke out"! At least that's my theory......sooooooo.......the sisal lamp shade. OMG!  Okay..... I let it dry for a good long time, amazing in itself. Cease and assist! Hold that thought! Not the easiest project I have attempted.......believe you me!.......I thought the mucking around with the hemp string and glue was a challenge, SISTERS!..... I was wrong! There probably is an easier way to remove the beach ball from the sisal and if you know what it is ...please tell me before I start the next one......it could have been all the fibers that stuck themselves like cement that made it so DIFFICULT!!!!! Hokey Doodle! It was a work out! But it worked!!!! I am so happy! I am so thrilled!

What's left of the bubble gum pink beach ball!

Perfectly round sphere.......

All the tiny little sisal fibers stuck like glue!
Don't you just love it when something works out! So while I'm on a roll I'll show you my two other accomplishments.....c.r.o.c.h.e.t. PROUD!

Re-Vamped Aran Tweed Crocheted Bobble Hobo Bag
did not like the Bamboo handles

wooden button and flap.....
just to keep things inside

Eggplant Crocheted Bobble Hobo Bag

Batik lining.....beautiful fabric

Well that's what happens when the rains keep me from the beach....what are your plans for the weekend? I'm feeling a trip to the city........beach attire...........sandals...........sunscreen.........junk food.............sounds like a Costco run to me! Let your imagination run wild, you never know what will transpire..................Ciao

Possiblities are endless!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just mucking about.....

I have seen these sisal hanging lamps around, Sears, PB, Ikea, and then I found a couple of girls who managed to do a really great job of making their own. All Gussied Up had a play by play tutorial that even I could follow, so off to the Dollar store for a beach ball and some twine, I used white glue, some did paper mache, Mod Podge. So after mucking around for about an hour, I produced a really big mess. That I am good at! But I think when it dries, yes waiting patiently.............:))))) for it to dry by itself. I was tempted to put it near the heater but I thought better of it and I'll just wait the 48 hours or whenever it dries completely.

BIG Sisal Ball
I really hope it turns out the way I've envisioned it, cause when we start putting my studio togethe,r I'd like to have a few of these hanging from the ceiling. They will be cool.

We went to the beach or two on Tuesday afternoon, because.......well it was a beautiful day and we were in search of a specific beach....And we found it........and treasures were found......I love the beach.......

Found a pocketful of treasure

Perfectly happy sitting on the beach.........
for hours.............

He loves me......packing driftwood home

Loving these mossy forests

Today the rains came back but that's okay, the house needed cleaning, and the laundry was piling up..........I finished up the new version of the Bobble Purse, well actually two of them and made the linings. So this little chick is done for the day, time to shut it down for the day, and put my sleepy head to bed. Catch you later, have a good night!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Run up to Soames Hill

"Make it Monday" took on a new meaning for me, make it to the top of Soames Hill! And make it we did! Yikes! Now that is a hill let me tell you! Of course, you should check with your doctor before taking on any physical challenge and  not to be attempted by the "faint of heart" or the "couch potato" because I would compare this hike to climbing the stairs at Ballygally Castle. Sue and I ran from home to the bottom of Soames Hill/Park which as it turns out is 8km, then climb to the top, similar to the Grouse Grind but the Gibsons version and only two hundred steps. So you think that it's "a piece of cake?" Well it was for us! Because we are "Machines" I tell ya!

What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger! With all the hill running we have been doing of late, we have some mighty strong quads and hamstrings, not too mention our glutes! No baggy, saggy toosh for these ladies! No siree!!!!

Piece of Cake!

So the s.a.d. part is, I only took my phone and thought those photos would turn out decent. WRONG! OMG! I do not know what is wrong with that phone, so "no photos" Boohooooo!!!!! Soooo, like a good blogger, I went in search of photos on Google, and as it is a famous hike, I knew there would be something around. Just not with me and Sue in them......drats! They were awesome photos.......oh well, we'll just have to do it again!

The map to guide you through the trails

The start of the climb two hundred steps,
 I didn't count

The new bridge across a gorge

The " piece de la resistance'":*)
The view from the top
Well worth the climb and the photos ops are amazing! So those capable of climbing hills definitely have to add this hike to their bucket. Of course when Sue and I got to the top a much needed snack of Sharkies was in order because now we had to head back down and run back the 7km to get home. We took a bit of a short cut which only cuts off 1km and by the time we got home I was tired. After a cup of coffee and hot shower I felt much better. So the Hubs and I walked down to Bonneybrooke and wandered the beach for a few hours. Call me crazy! And yes I was thoroughly tuckered out after that day. Well you know what they say" no rest for the wicked, and the good are all dead" So keep on truckin! Now I need to get a list going here....... a few chores and phone calls need to be made. A few projects need finishing......

Another beautiful sunny day!  How does your week look? Have a great day!
 Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today is my Son's Birthday................

Happy Birthday Daniel! We wish you lots of love today and always. I find it hard to believe that 23 years have gone by since he came into this world. He was 3 weeks early and in a hurry to get on with his life. You try to tell them not to be in such a hurry to grow up, because~~~~~~Life is a journey........not a destination~~~~~ but young people want to do everything, see everything, be everything, yesterday. What will they do when they get old, what will they have to look forward too? 

I won't get to talk to him as he is on a training mission, so he will be out of touch for awhile. \but I feel I can send him my love regardless where he is. So Happy Birthday my Son. I hope you have a wonderful day and when you are following your dreams remember ~~~~~~~~~you need to come home to give your mom some comfort and assurance and a hug once in awhile.  Love Mom xoxoxo

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My excuses are......

The weather was really nice all week, therefore.... I've been busy doing this and that the past few days.  Sue and I had an amazing run on Tuesday, we did the beach trail and she showed me  Gospel Rock (an amazing view) and then we went up through this incredible park, I think its called Inglis Trail but I could be wrong, I felt like Pocahontas running through the woods. Soooo beautiful!  I went by myself on Thursday for an hour and a half......I just ran randomly here and there with no real plan, only that I wanted to do a good hour, reminded  me of Paige, she would do miles during the day by herself. I've always envied her being able to that.

The Hubs and I went out to check out a few beaches, and then of course that led to some more beach combing and well.....that led to another pocket full of sea glass, Hubs had a pocket full of shells. I know........pathetic......we are avid beachcombers now. :*))))

I was busy doing little chores that have been on my mind, Lord knows my mind is never still..........focusing on one project is becoming a major problem. Focus Girl!!! Focus!  But I did get the window sill painted because "I hate oak" YUCK! and it was water stained and just plain UGLY!!!!!!.....but thanks to some awesome primer with stain guard and some high gloss "discounted":)))) white paint, it's a done deal. Amazing the little things that make me happy! I pulled out my old camera the other day and I had forgotten how well it works..... so till I can get into the City, this one will do.

Anyway back to the little things that make me happy......................a great run, MP3 player that works, a painted window sill, Mac Tac covered tin cans ( explanations, and photos to come), hanging clothes on the clothesline, spring growth popping up, a Mickey D's coffee......yes it doesn't take much to make me happy. I love the beach................

Jonathan and his friends

North Shore Mountains

The Hubs enjoying the new beach
Well gotta get this show on the road today and I'm thinking a quick run is in the cards. Have a great day! Enjoy your weekend! What makes you happy????