Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just mucking about.....

I have seen these sisal hanging lamps around, Sears, PB, Ikea, and then I found a couple of girls who managed to do a really great job of making their own. All Gussied Up had a play by play tutorial that even I could follow, so off to the Dollar store for a beach ball and some twine, I used white glue, some did paper mache, Mod Podge. So after mucking around for about an hour, I produced a really big mess. That I am good at! But I think when it dries, yes waiting patiently.............:))))) for it to dry by itself. I was tempted to put it near the heater but I thought better of it and I'll just wait the 48 hours or whenever it dries completely.

BIG Sisal Ball
I really hope it turns out the way I've envisioned it, cause when we start putting my studio togethe,r I'd like to have a few of these hanging from the ceiling. They will be cool.

We went to the beach or two on Tuesday afternoon, because.......well it was a beautiful day and we were in search of a specific beach....And we found it........and treasures were found......I love the beach.......

Found a pocketful of treasure

Perfectly happy sitting on the beach.........
for hours.............

He loves me......packing driftwood home

Loving these mossy forests

Today the rains came back but that's okay, the house needed cleaning, and the laundry was piling up..........I finished up the new version of the Bobble Purse, well actually two of them and made the linings. So this little chick is done for the day, time to shut it down for the day, and put my sleepy head to bed. Catch you later, have a good night!


  1. I'm trying to figure out where you are - it looks like you are around my parts! It looks beautiful wherever you are and love the pendant lamp!

    1. Just across the water in Gibsons! Thank you.I hope it turns out. Love your blog!