Saturday, February 4, 2012

My excuses are......

The weather was really nice all week, therefore.... I've been busy doing this and that the past few days.  Sue and I had an amazing run on Tuesday, we did the beach trail and she showed me  Gospel Rock (an amazing view) and then we went up through this incredible park, I think its called Inglis Trail but I could be wrong, I felt like Pocahontas running through the woods. Soooo beautiful!  I went by myself on Thursday for an hour and a half......I just ran randomly here and there with no real plan, only that I wanted to do a good hour, reminded  me of Paige, she would do miles during the day by herself. I've always envied her being able to that.

The Hubs and I went out to check out a few beaches, and then of course that led to some more beach combing and well.....that led to another pocket full of sea glass, Hubs had a pocket full of shells. I know........pathetic......we are avid beachcombers now. :*))))

I was busy doing little chores that have been on my mind, Lord knows my mind is never still..........focusing on one project is becoming a major problem. Focus Girl!!! Focus!  But I did get the window sill painted because "I hate oak" YUCK! and it was water stained and just plain UGLY!!!!!!.....but thanks to some awesome primer with stain guard and some high gloss "discounted":)))) white paint, it's a done deal. Amazing the little things that make me happy! I pulled out my old camera the other day and I had forgotten how well it works..... so till I can get into the City, this one will do.

Anyway back to the little things that make me happy......................a great run, MP3 player that works, a painted window sill, Mac Tac covered tin cans ( explanations, and photos to come), hanging clothes on the clothesline, spring growth popping up, a Mickey D's coffee......yes it doesn't take much to make me happy. I love the beach................

Jonathan and his friends

North Shore Mountains

The Hubs enjoying the new beach
Well gotta get this show on the road today and I'm thinking a quick run is in the cards. Have a great day! Enjoy your weekend! What makes you happy????

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