Monday, January 30, 2012

A wonderful Monday...

Today was a wonderful day despite what Mark the weatherman predicted.....the temperature rose to a balmy 14' Celsius, it wasn't sunny but it was nice! The morning was spent being quiet and then going to pick up a few groceries, visiting my mom and having coffee, the Hubs was sleeping off a night shift so I like to vacate for a few hours so there is peace in the house. Some days I will just putter around but it was just too, too nice to stay in. This afternoon, Sue and I went down to the beach looking for "sea glass" now this could become an addicting habit. Walking along the beach searching for wonderful pieces of glass. Did I mention I like "rocks"......another serious addiction.....not too mention driftwood. I'll really have to keep a check on these habits. I can see it now, I will have a yard full of driftwood and bowls of rocks.....but it was a great hour spent wandering up and down the beach. When Hubs gets a day off, I will show him this new haunt.....he'll be excited!

I've decided the purse is going to have a transformation, yes.......sad but true, the contrasting color they wanted you to use,  isn't working for me.....the more I look at it,  the more I think it should be a lighter color, and since it's a fair swim away to Michael's, I hope I can find something here at the Yarn Shops. So stay tuned, lesson learnt.

The Heather is starting to bloom

Not sure who this was named for but its
 a rather old and rustic foot bridge

These fire hydrants are everywhere, and in theeee
 most random places!

Arbutus tree root, love these trees!

I have my eye out for another camera, there's a camera store in the city, and apparently they take trade ins, and they have a HUGE supply of used I'm thinking..........................yup, the brain never stops.  Tomorrow, we have a long run planned, I hope the rain holds off till later in the day.  Good nite for now. Sweet Dreams!


  1. thanks for stopping by ...wish you would have left your comment....
    I love sea glass and is an addictions...I am drawn to the energy of them..are you?
    I don't run or craft...but I enjoy interesting seem like one....
    love your photos

    1. ThanksSuz, I thought I did leave a comment, I love your poetry! I guess it didn't go through the air waves. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's been ahectic week!