Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday morning musings..............

Gee I think I hate Monday morning even if I'm not working......I don't know what happened to Sunday but I know I didn't go the time the Hubs and I read two days of newspapers and a few cups of java it was noon. He went out so I thought I'd take a whack at the garage....................HOLY CRAP! That's all I can say about that. Jeez Louise! I made a huge dent in the organization and cleansing of "crafty" materials, and I did like I was told and started a pile for a "Garage Sale" Did I mention I hate Garage Sales! Well I have a huge pile just for that. If it waits that long. I also have a car load to go visit my new found friend Amanda for next week.

I collected antique cameras for a few years, and well I never did get the cabinet bought or built to showcase them, so there they sat in a decrepit box getting all dusty. So I spent the better part of Friday on EBay looking to see if they were worth anything at all. So yes/no they are worth a few dollars, although I won't be buying a red Porsche anytime soon! Then there is all these stained glass lamps that my dad had made, and as much as I would love to keep them out of sentimental reasons, they take up ALOT of room and I know I won't hang them anywhere.  They will go also. Maybe there is someone out there who loves stained glass. Then if I can get the sofa out of the garage I will actually get to park in there.

The Hubs is off for a few days here so I will get him to help with putting up the cupboard in the laundry room. I love having a cupboard, they are perfect for hiding all the jugs of this and that......I just hope there are studs in that wall to anchor those puppies! Because they get heavy!  I managed to get the other two chairs covers made on Friday night, soooo much nicer looking! and finished making a hat that turned out quite fabulous if I do say so myself!

Chicken Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce

Some art that I am going to try and replicate
stressing heavily on the "try"

Also baked cookies for the first time (in this house), Peanut butter/chocolate chip, a broccoli soup and a new recipe for a delish Chicken Lasagna, and I started to make some art work to hang over the fireplace. but basically it was a relaxing weekend filled with puttering, crafting, crocheting, some good food, a quick run in a pouring rain/sleet/ fun! I'm thinking of setting up my treadmill for those long boring runs since it's hard to find any long distance runners at the moment.....won't that be a barrel of fun! Well off to see what Nate is up to today! Ciao for now..............What are you getting up to this week? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............

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