Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring.............

It must be January on the South Coast! Apparently it rains a lot here in the winter, well all I can say is "have at her" you don't have to shovel it!

I have been spending time going through my yarn trying to use up bits of this and that because I thought it would be a nice idea to have a basket of slipper socks at the front door. I found a pattern that I could half way understand and so far I've made five pair. Now the girls both have their orders in........  I can feel the carpal tunnel flaring up again!

I talked with my friend Pam yesterday and in her kitchen she has the empty space over her cupboards like I have and I wanted to fill in the vacant space with "things" and Lord knows, I do have "some" things! So once I got my act together I found some "things" and scrubbed down the shelf with Extra Strength T.S.P cause I am kind of a germaphobic and grease and crap really turn my stomach. Well that took me a wee bit but finally it was clean enough to be healthy. Pam also has a plant on hers so I need to repot an ivy that I have and then arrange it up on high with some mini lights to add to the effect. Thanks Pam! I will post pictures later on. So when it rains, you just keep busy, no running yesterday but I may go out in a while and just endure the soaking.

Debbie wants pictures of the slippers so here they are.....nothing fancy......just a necessity with hard wood floors. Cozy toes are good!

Janes new "Cozee Toez"

Basket of  "Cozee Toez"

I have a hard time with getting the toe section the same size, some days I must crochet tighter than other days or maybe I just forget how many stitches I put on, as I am really bad at following a pattern as some people know. Sby the looks of the sky outside I will be picking up the hooks again today.....started a e-reader case last night, trying a little felting.......
well back to Nate Berkus.......oooooh.......Candice Olson........see ya later!

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