Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting on with the Weekend....

The other day, mmmmmm.........must have been Thursday, it rained cats and dogs and snowed and did what ever "Old Man Winter" decided to throw at us! So needless to say it was a turn up the heat and get out the crafts kinda day! I had decided during the night I wanted to get the pillows done for our sofa and decided on the usual "drop cloth" fabric.....gotta love that stuff! Anyway, I took half of a 5x12 sheet, so 5x6 and put it in the washing machine with half a gallon of bleach and waited to see just how much I could whiten it up. I let it soak for about half an hour and then washed, dried it, and ironed it. It turned out pretty creamy. Now what to put on it, to the Graphic Fairy website I went and perused......I don't know if I saw it in a magazine or where, could have been my dreams but I wanted a "birds nest" and I  found a very pretty one and proceeded to stitch up a storm, of course does anything go smoothly? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!!!  It was one of those days and you wonder what the heck is wrong with me? But fear not instead of taking my scissors and cutting things up into shreds, I took a deep breathe and started over. Remember now, I'm a little OCD, and ADD, as well as being blond.....I know,  not a good mixture but a girl's gotta do what she can. So perseverance, and another night of sleep I think I came up with a "darlin" pillow for the Hubs to rest his sleepy head.

Of course my girls had to comment on there being five eggs in the nest and shouldn't it be "empty"?
Ahhhhh excuse me!! That's how many grandchildren I would like to have......jeez!
So if that wasn't enough to send me over the edge I thought perhaps I would like to slipcover an otto man we have, totally the wrong color but with the help of the "old mighty drop cloth" I struggled with my disabilities and managed to cover that nightmare. Lets just say I have had better crafting moments and hope we don't have a repeat of one of those days. Because really ......I am usually quite talented. Believe you me! So I am off to doing my grocery shopping (gag!!!!!***) and hit the $ store. And hopefully be back in a few hours to continue on my journey. Have a very unstressful day!
 Keep Calm and Drink Wine! Ciao...........................


  1. Great pillow how did you iron the picture onto the pillow?

  2. I made the cover first and used transfer paper to put the nest on and the definition. Walmart, Michaels, London Drugs have the paper, I think Avery makes it.