Sunday, January 29, 2012

End of a productive weekend

As the weekend comes to a close, I'm feeling quite tired.....thank goodness I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Or the next day for that matter but that's another blogging day.......I have been considering it, but my heart starts to race and the palpitations scare the heck out of me!  No... I am not ready to commit to being somewhere quite just yet. I was quite excited to finish the Crocheted Bobble Day Bag that I started last week, and everything stops until I finish one project and fight with myself about starting anything new.  I did start and finish a pair of slippers for my daughter, but they were super simple and will keep that pattern close to my heart. But the purse.......ah!  I am quite proud!  I managed to follow the pattern till the end but then I had to change it up a bit just because it made more sense. I know...... I am impossible. But I did try Deb! Honest to Pete! Now I am onto another variation of the pattern. From my brain, no other source this time. I really should write these down but they kind of come to me as I go along and I doubt that I can remember or repeat the pattern so my friends everything is an "original".

Crocheted Bobble Day Bag

The inside lining....... before I decided to put some
 pockets on the sides

So I unpinned the lining, and  found some funky fabric and
made a few
pockets with compartments

Bobble Bag before I added the shoulder straps
because every girl wants to be able to free up her hands
 and throw her bag on her shoulder
So that is my crocheted project for the week, I think it is very "funky"........ not sure what I am going to do with it, it just might go into inventory until I get my store up and running..............speaking of running...........Sue and I had a great run Saturday,  a beautiful day, no sun but no "rain", the Hubs and I went to BonnieBrooke Beach earlier in the afternoon and walked for an hour and half, beach combing, I found 8 pieces of sea glass! And took a bunch of photos.....soon to be posted. Then we came home and had lunch, then at 3:30 Sue and I went out for an hour and made up a new route, 70% downhill and a excruciating 30% of uphill! I tell you with all this hill running......what doesn't kill me is making me stronger! i\ will be able to kick some serious butt sooner or later! This morning we ran from home to meet up with the group and I made a serious mistake of running the lead with one of the guys who typically runs probably a 100km a week. What was I thinking! Gruelling but I kept up!  I might pay tomorrow but the old girl still has some  "gas in the tank"! Well back to the hooks, I hope you had a really great weekend. Photos of the beach tomorrow! Nighty night.............

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