Thursday, January 26, 2012

Poof! The end of January...............

Could somebody put a hold on time please! We just finished getting over the Christmas holidays and its the end of January already. People usually say January drags by, I don't think so.....its been whizzing by for me. I had a busy weekend with running and who knows what, but I know on Monday of this week, I was busy.......baking, cleaning and making a few things that I had on the back burner. I made another pillow. I have been wanting to do something with the letters I had gotten from Michaels, everyone has them E~A~T but I wanted to do something different..... well...... I got an idea in my head....... in the middle of the night, so I went to work....... between baking, dinner prep, and sewing, and running a few K's. It was a busy day, and I think I get a little carried away and one day leads into the next.  This is what I was up to for the past few days, not to mention a quick trip to the Mainland to do a little visiting and shopping, with my Mom . We went to vist my Aunt Ev and get her a few goodies. She's 95 and sharp as a tack. Unfortunately she can't get out very much, so her days are perked up when she has visitors......A busy day running around that's for sure.

Cinnamon buns underway

~~~~~~Ready for the oven~~~~~~:*)

~~~~Apple Pie Oatmeal~~~~~

creating the background for the sign.......


Finished! .......and I like it! Sometimes things just

Yummy! Yummy! Put some fat on your Tummy!

A pretty "drop cloth" embellished pillow ....
I really liked this flowery fabric but thought it was a bit much to have a whole pillow made with it, I just wasn't feeling the somewhere in the recesses of my brain I had seen similar, Lord only knows where, but thank you. It works! Well I am back to the crocheting for a few days.... with a new project that I will share possibly tomorrow. Very cute.......and I followed a pattern! There is hope for me yet! Deb would be proud. Have a good night, I'm off to enjoy a cuppa tea............because this craftyrunner is tuckered............................night!.

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