Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last of 2011......

I know...... I've been off the grid for 10 days but they have been a busy 10 days but I'm hoping that things will slow down here in a week. The revolving door started last week, and Christmas, it has been a very busy week. Our daughter Kait arrived on the 23rd to spend Christmas with us and my brother and sister-in-law and mother. We had seven for Christmas dinner and I'm amazed we all fit in the dining room. But you know it was alright and I know if we had all been home, 8 would have been great! But when Kait left on the 27th, Jane arrived and we got to have Christmas all over again, albeit the food. Sooooo done with food! There was a total array of baking, thanks Mom! Because I certainly didn't get very much done. The gluten free shortbread turned out very good! And the gluten free Gingerbread Biscotti is very those recipes will stick around for a while.

Rockstart meets Jane, pink, pink!

Kait checking out the pizza order form, mmmmmm no Gluten free!

Christmas Eve Dinner

My Momma and Me.
 Sooooo, when I'm 85, I hope I'm in as good of shape as she is.

My brother Glen, and Me!
 I don't remember when I have seen him so much!

Kait and myself on Christmas Eve

Jane and Daniel at Pender Harbour for brunch

It hasn't been much fun for the son, I am afraid .......with no friends in this area, he is a little isolated. And a tad bored. But he will be well rested when he goes back to base, and with hope a few pounds heavier......eating is not a problem. So I am sure he will be glad to go back to his routines and buds. Things change when you in a different direction than all your friends from high school, some friends you keep and some are left behind

I got a new laptop from the Hubs, so I've been learning how it works and trying a new photo shop program and takes me a while to get the hang of things but now I think I can keep this ball rolling. So onwards, Happy New Year to everyone and all the Best for 2012! I miss you my friends, I miss my running buddies, I wish you could all be here with me but with the new age keeping in touch has never been easier......but it's not the same as dropping in for a coffee, or running around town and then having coffee at Tim's in the meantime it's just adjusting.....too many things.....but I do love my new house and it's smallness. It's very cleansing getting rid of "stuff". I cannot wait to get started on my studio. With all that's gone on in the last two months some down time is going to be heaven. So for the last post of 2011, may you all have a wonderful weekend with family and friends, be happy, be safe and see you next year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tis' the Season..............

To be run off your feet! I've been trying to get a handle on Christmas but with boxes looming in the background and trips to the dump and here and's time I got my act together and started wrapping.....I managed to get some baking done......Yea for me! I even pulled off a rather delicious "Gluten free Shortbread". Doesn't the word "gluten free" scare you? Does me but all in the name of love so that Kait can have some regular cookies.....I might try some gluten free biscotti later today. It's a beautiful frosty sunny morning here, skies are blue but is it chilly! I had good intentions of going for a run this morning but I was waiting for the Salvation Army truck to come and do a pick up and they have just come and gone and I think I will just get some bloggin done. so today is the first day of winter and the days will start to get longer....Oh Yea! because down here there are no street lights, which makes it really dangerous to run until it's daylight and by that time I am losing interest. I think I need to start a committee to install some weird is that! I went on on Sunday and met a large group of runners and we did a Santa run around town. Good thing I am not the embarassed type, we ran through the drive thrus, yes we do a have a few.....and we ran through the IGA grocery store.......that brought a smile to many of the workers! Afterward.....about 8km we went to a place called Wheatberries, an awesome bakery and coffee bistro.....yummy! I met so many people I can hardly recall who was who! But my neighbor that lives out behind me is getting back into running so we are going to start going out monday mornings together.....we did the killer beach run and climb back up run, my but thats a good workout, you feel it for days!

The Gibsons Coffee Chase Running Club
We meet Sunday mornings at 8:30 from the Rec centre and do about 8km,  then go for coffee..... definitely a fun group. But if I plan on running the Half in Vancouver, I will need to get out more than 2 days a week. Seriously looking for some regular runners......good thing I have my MP3 player to keep me company.
Well I must run and start some wrapping......numero uno son has arrived, and middle child arrives Friday and oldest daughter arrives next week. Busy little house..........wouldn't have it any other way.

So let the wrapping begin and finish the wee little baking there is...........Have a wonderful day!               ~~~~~~~~ Happy Winter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Some Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies!

Some beautifully wrapped Gifts

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh dear.......Christmas is approaching fast

I just checked the calendar and I cannot believe how the time is blowing past! Have you done your Christmas baking? Really? I don't think there is going to be a whole lotta that going around this year. I am totally amazed that I even have three trees up! Granted two of them were still decorated from last year but they are up! There are a few touches around but not nearly over the top that I am accustomed too. I just don't see the point when in two weeks, I would be taking it all down. I will make up for it next year and do it up grand! In the meantime.................this is it!

Cranberry, Gold, Silver and White

The Skinny Tree, I need more of these......

This tree I made last year with all the silver spoons and forks
I have I have even more to add......

I'm thinking next year, I will make cards with this photo

Simple Mantle

I love this Old World Santa, I think he is my favourite
 Well tomorrow I think I will try getting some baking done. Our son comes home on Saturday so I'll go pick him up and do some shopping in the Big City......hit the big box stores, my mom will come to escape the rock for the day. Tomorrow I am thinking biscotti..............gingerbread........cranberry almond.......some sugar cookies.......and maybe some Nanaimo bars..........oh dear.......good thing I unpacked a few boxes today and..................ran a fast 9km if I do say so myself! I shocked myself and I didn't have Annie or Susan yelling in my ear, just Rhianna and a few of her friends! Well gotta run, sleep tight!

Monday, December 12, 2011

A beautiful day for a walk.....

The Hubs and I went for a walk around the Gibsons on Sunday afternoon but the wind was a little chilly and we weren't quite prepared for the cold.....funny but when there is no snow, you think it's warm but there is quite a "bite" to the air, especially down by the water. But we had our coffees and watched a few ducks and toured around the neighborhoods and saw some pretty amazing houses perched on cliffs with awesome "to die for" views.....a couple were for sale but Lotto Max has called my numbers yet! So today I made a run downtown as I was looking for a piece of art work to go on a wall but instead I ended up at the marina eyeing up house boats. Could you imagine the downsizing that would entail? I think I have problems now! Not even going there. How people live in a minimalist house is beyond my comprehension!

This is an amazing photo!
Does it not look like lightening coming through the water?
I'm impressed........quack!

Absolutely stunning.................will someone please pinch me!

Now if Lotto Max would draw the right numbers,
storage would not be an issue!

Storage would definitely be an "issue"!

Sitting in the dock at the Bay.....................

I'm not seeing many people...............where do they go?

Pampas Grass.................
apparently I don't want to grow this..
But they are pretty! Invasive!!!!! That is!

Someone has a really good sense of Ha Ha!
Well that's it that's all for this girl, I've put in a call to the Gibsons Coffee Chase Running Club, I need to find some running buddies......and coffee friends......BMO Vancouver Half Marathon sign up for early bird is tomorrow. I will be on the list. I have a date with many friends in Vancouver......ciao for now and sweet dreams........................

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New adventures.....

Well the move is complete and we are in our new home. I can't say things are all in there rightful place because there is a shortage of the thrift store has taken a hit a few times.....and maybe a few more times goodness it has been just a tad frightening wondering what to do? I like my "things" and I love my Christmas "things" but I am afraid I am going to either cull out the collection or build some storage. Because there is a HUGE lack of storage, and I'm all about everything in it's place.....but so far I have to say we are really happy with the house, and the layout is perfect for us. It's going to be a little crowded with extra bodies at Christmas but for a few days throughout the year, I'm thinking we will make out just fine. The weather has been beautiful since arriving on the Sunshine Coast......I would venture to say that it is "app lee" named. The mornings have been very frosty, with all the moisture in the air, the past few mornings have made my car totally frozen looking. That would be because it is outside and unable to park in the garage.......hmmmm....wonder why that might be?????

BonnieBrook Beach......
this is where my first run took me since moving down here.

The sun was just rising when I came out of the trail down at the beach, a beautiful morning for sure, off in the distance I am sure it is Vancouver Island.

The walkway to the front door

Welcome into our new home!

I know I wanted cream leather furniture, but sometimes you gotta give.
....and I am happy with it, it looks gorgeous......and Cranberry does suit my personality more than cream if I do say so myself I do say

This is the diningroom.....I wondered if I would get everything in here, as it is quite a bit smaller
 but it seems to works and it's very pretty, I love the bayed windows!
The only thing I see changing in here is the monstrosity hanging over the table! OMG~what were they thinking!

This will be my studio in the Spring but at the moment it is the "Catch-all" shed
OMG~~~~it is a mess in there!

One of the patios, lots of trimming and pruning to be done.......
in the Spring

The Backyard

Walkway into the backyard

The Master/Mistresse's room
When I can find the kitchen I will show you the results......I love the room and the layout, if only there were a few more'm thinking the garage and cupboards on the walls.......So my mind has been a little busy and at times it is a little overwhelming.......okay..... the last month has been alotta overwhelming but I have to remember one day at a time and I do not have control over the Universe or the shopping! But I am very happy to be here and I shall adjust. Have a wonderful weekend! And I hope the sun is shining, and the sunsets are beautiful........