Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tis' the Season..............

To be run off your feet! I've been trying to get a handle on Christmas but with boxes looming in the background and trips to the dump and here and's time I got my act together and started wrapping.....I managed to get some baking done......Yea for me! I even pulled off a rather delicious "Gluten free Shortbread". Doesn't the word "gluten free" scare you? Does me but all in the name of love so that Kait can have some regular cookies.....I might try some gluten free biscotti later today. It's a beautiful frosty sunny morning here, skies are blue but is it chilly! I had good intentions of going for a run this morning but I was waiting for the Salvation Army truck to come and do a pick up and they have just come and gone and I think I will just get some bloggin done. so today is the first day of winter and the days will start to get longer....Oh Yea! because down here there are no street lights, which makes it really dangerous to run until it's daylight and by that time I am losing interest. I think I need to start a committee to install some weird is that! I went on on Sunday and met a large group of runners and we did a Santa run around town. Good thing I am not the embarassed type, we ran through the drive thrus, yes we do a have a few.....and we ran through the IGA grocery store.......that brought a smile to many of the workers! Afterward.....about 8km we went to a place called Wheatberries, an awesome bakery and coffee bistro.....yummy! I met so many people I can hardly recall who was who! But my neighbor that lives out behind me is getting back into running so we are going to start going out monday mornings together.....we did the killer beach run and climb back up run, my but thats a good workout, you feel it for days!

The Gibsons Coffee Chase Running Club
We meet Sunday mornings at 8:30 from the Rec centre and do about 8km,  then go for coffee..... definitely a fun group. But if I plan on running the Half in Vancouver, I will need to get out more than 2 days a week. Seriously looking for some regular runners......good thing I have my MP3 player to keep me company.
Well I must run and start some wrapping......numero uno son has arrived, and middle child arrives Friday and oldest daughter arrives next week. Busy little house..........wouldn't have it any other way.

So let the wrapping begin and finish the wee little baking there is...........Have a wonderful day!               ~~~~~~~~ Happy Winter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Some Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies!

Some beautifully wrapped Gifts

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