Saturday, December 10, 2011

New adventures.....

Well the move is complete and we are in our new home. I can't say things are all in there rightful place because there is a shortage of the thrift store has taken a hit a few times.....and maybe a few more times goodness it has been just a tad frightening wondering what to do? I like my "things" and I love my Christmas "things" but I am afraid I am going to either cull out the collection or build some storage. Because there is a HUGE lack of storage, and I'm all about everything in it's place.....but so far I have to say we are really happy with the house, and the layout is perfect for us. It's going to be a little crowded with extra bodies at Christmas but for a few days throughout the year, I'm thinking we will make out just fine. The weather has been beautiful since arriving on the Sunshine Coast......I would venture to say that it is "app lee" named. The mornings have been very frosty, with all the moisture in the air, the past few mornings have made my car totally frozen looking. That would be because it is outside and unable to park in the garage.......hmmmm....wonder why that might be?????

BonnieBrook Beach......
this is where my first run took me since moving down here.

The sun was just rising when I came out of the trail down at the beach, a beautiful morning for sure, off in the distance I am sure it is Vancouver Island.

The walkway to the front door

Welcome into our new home!

I know I wanted cream leather furniture, but sometimes you gotta give.
....and I am happy with it, it looks gorgeous......and Cranberry does suit my personality more than cream if I do say so myself I do say

This is the diningroom.....I wondered if I would get everything in here, as it is quite a bit smaller
 but it seems to works and it's very pretty, I love the bayed windows!
The only thing I see changing in here is the monstrosity hanging over the table! OMG~what were they thinking!

This will be my studio in the Spring but at the moment it is the "Catch-all" shed
OMG~~~~it is a mess in there!

One of the patios, lots of trimming and pruning to be done.......
in the Spring

The Backyard

Walkway into the backyard

The Master/Mistresse's room
When I can find the kitchen I will show you the results......I love the room and the layout, if only there were a few more'm thinking the garage and cupboards on the walls.......So my mind has been a little busy and at times it is a little overwhelming.......okay..... the last month has been alotta overwhelming but I have to remember one day at a time and I do not have control over the Universe or the shopping! But I am very happy to be here and I shall adjust. Have a wonderful weekend! And I hope the sun is shining, and the sunsets are beautiful........

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