Thursday, November 24, 2011

Moving Day coming soon......

The house has sold.........thank you for small mercies! When you are waiting for things to happen it seems to take forever but in reality it all happened fairly fast in the whole scheme of things. Being on my own at this point with the Hubs busy working and me here it has been a trying time. Thank goodness I am not the one packing up this house. Although I have done a pretty good job of  "downsizing". When you go from a 3300 sq. ft. house to just under 1400 sq. ft. there's going to be a lot of purging! And purge I have. There is probably a truck load that could still go but I want to go through some things on my own time.

It has been crazy weather of late. This time last week we were shoveling out after a foot and a half of snow and this week we have had warm temperatures and plenty of wind. I'm not complaining because it will just make it easier for the move and for me driving 500 miles.

My girl Trish has been terrible, terrible sick......I have missed I've been running with a few others, but I think they are punishing me........distances that burn, hills that kill, and speeds that would surely get me injured......but so far so good. Tonight it is very windy and I can imagine what a crappy run that will be tomorrow. But it's the coffee afterwards that's the bonus. Get better soon Trish!

I've been shopping for furniture.......and I've found a few things. I never thought I would want to go for ivory leather but Rene has gotten the most beautiful ivory leather couch and loveseat.....and I love it. So I was thinking since our new house is soooooo much smaller I want to go lighter in color and try to keep it cleaner looking. Well I can hope......... can't I. Well I have many things on my plate for the next week so if I am MIA........ I promise that I will return it just could take a bit.

Ivory Leather Sofa

Regular chair

Recliner Chair
 Well that's my thoughts of late, much to do this weekend, a trip to the dump, cleaning the garden shed.......condensing, purging, packing personal things......oh dear I think I need to go to bed.......
Beam me up Scotty!

Happy Thanksgiving my American blogging friends.

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