Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've fallen behind.......

Well I cannot believe that I haven't made time to blog for just about three weeks but to say my life has been turned upside down its the understatement of the year! The Hubs got a new job while I was off running the Half Marathon in Kelowna. Not just down the sireeeeeeeeeeeeee! Five hundred miles away on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Yup, I'm moving...............when? I have no idea! There is a slight case of selling a house. And you know just how much fun that is! Not! But I just came back from Gibsons, we went house hunting on the weekend and I left the Hubs there to start work.

We did find a house, a charming one, exactly what we were looking for too. Certainly much smaller than ours here but we needed to downsize anyway so it is a good thing. Now to purge this house! It's pretty exciting moving into a new phase in your life, but when it happens overnight it's not such a great feeling. A tad stressful all around. But we are looking forward to the change and being near my mom and brother is going to be a wonderful bonus for me.

Our children weren't too excited but they have come around to liking the idea and we do have room for them to stay when they come to visit. So that is all I have been doing, craft fair went out the window......but the trips to the dump and thrift store have been quite cleansing. So for now it's work and clean and sell off some furniture to make room for new "things"!!! I love new things!

I don't love these but they are unfortunately a necessity and
a fact of life when you live remotely on the Coast.

Gibsons Landing

This is my first goal, this makes me
So I will try, try, try, to stay on top of my blogging, I just can't make any promises cause my mind is a little befuggled right now! Stay tuned for more adventures of the CrazyRunner, oh I mean Craftyrunner!

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  1. Yes you do need to keep us in the loop. Quite exciting for you. Email me and tell me about his job...I thought I heard the word retire in Maui...