Thursday, November 24, 2011

Moving Day coming soon......

The house has sold.........thank you for small mercies! When you are waiting for things to happen it seems to take forever but in reality it all happened fairly fast in the whole scheme of things. Being on my own at this point with the Hubs busy working and me here it has been a trying time. Thank goodness I am not the one packing up this house. Although I have done a pretty good job of  "downsizing". When you go from a 3300 sq. ft. house to just under 1400 sq. ft. there's going to be a lot of purging! And purge I have. There is probably a truck load that could still go but I want to go through some things on my own time.

It has been crazy weather of late. This time last week we were shoveling out after a foot and a half of snow and this week we have had warm temperatures and plenty of wind. I'm not complaining because it will just make it easier for the move and for me driving 500 miles.

My girl Trish has been terrible, terrible sick......I have missed I've been running with a few others, but I think they are punishing me........distances that burn, hills that kill, and speeds that would surely get me injured......but so far so good. Tonight it is very windy and I can imagine what a crappy run that will be tomorrow. But it's the coffee afterwards that's the bonus. Get better soon Trish!

I've been shopping for furniture.......and I've found a few things. I never thought I would want to go for ivory leather but Rene has gotten the most beautiful ivory leather couch and loveseat.....and I love it. So I was thinking since our new house is soooooo much smaller I want to go lighter in color and try to keep it cleaner looking. Well I can hope......... can't I. Well I have many things on my plate for the next week so if I am MIA........ I promise that I will return it just could take a bit.

Ivory Leather Sofa

Regular chair

Recliner Chair
 Well that's my thoughts of late, much to do this weekend, a trip to the dump, cleaning the garden shed.......condensing, purging, packing personal things......oh dear I think I need to go to bed.......
Beam me up Scotty!

Happy Thanksgiving my American blogging friends.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winter has arrived.........................

This past week winter arrived with a vengence! Some say we got 30cm/12 inches I would beg to differ? I measured and it was a foot and a half or 45cm. Take your pick it was WAY too much!!!! Holy Hannah! Shovel, shovel you think I am going to miss living in the frozen North? I think not. And wouldn't you know the Hubs sells the snowblower before he leaves...........mmmmmmmm..... I believe there is going to be some payback! I'm thinking shopping? Maybe? Oh you can bet your bippy! I like shovelling but a few inches at a time. All right there is my rant.........onward.......I put my notice in at work this week, bitter sweet....cause I am going to miss my girls.........but the movers are arranged and its a count down for now. Still have been downsizing, eliminating "stuff".......years of magazines that I don't have the heart to cut up......have been given to adoring fans of Martha, and a school library, where the librarians I am sure will spend hours pouring through. and the rest will go to the thrift store.....just can't dumpster them! Soooo mean!

First Snowfall

Temperature a balmy -20 celsius

My Girls

This Handsome Fella was cruising through the back
.......going to miss them......

An Ivory Double Wrap Loop Cowl

A Victoria Beanie, scalloped shells
So this week has been pretty full, only a few days of running as I was knee deep in snow and I figured the muscles had a good workout just shovelling. Then of course I wimped out when it was -22 Celsius yesterday morning.......Oh! The shorts days will return soon.....I've decided this morning I need to go do a bit of Christmas shopping otherwise the children's stocking will be bare.....and that just won't do, but first there is a birthday next weekend for my first born........I think I need to get a hustle on......Have a great day! The flakes are falling.......................................oh dear!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

In the meantime.................

Here I sit with just me and my imagination running wild about my new house and all the things I will get to create and make. I have come up with MANY ideas this past week on decor and little projects.....Our new house does not need any painting......Hallelujah!  Is all I can say! I don't think there has been a house I have moved into that one room or another that hasn't needed to be painted. So either I am mellowing about color or they did such a fantastic job of picking colors I am just totally taken with it. Many of my friends are into whites, greys, neutrals. Well I am not really a neutral girl but I am learning to like it. A few things on my to do list besides throwing out all my furniture (kidding Honey!) (well kinda) and going neutral in a lot of the rooms, just because the house is soooooo much smaller than we have now........I want that airy look. See how long that vision lasts! So in the meantime here are a few things I have in mind............

I absolutely j'adore this headboard, and I am pretty sure I can accomplish it without
too much trauma........

I love this bed but I didn't win the lottery!

This is a knock off from our favourite Barn people and "Crafting in the Rain" Girl Steph
did a fabulous job of re-creating it.........
Yup..... never a dull moment around here when I can let my brain just wonder........A bunch of us girls did a awesome run this morning. a 14km backsilding, slushy, icy, miserable excuse for November early morning......... but inspite of my complaints of yesterday (snow)they made me go!  I think that this sign is quite fitting for me to make and hanging perhaps over our bed, in our new house.

Hope you're having a great weekend.......I thinking of making a pair of slippers for my chilly toes......What's your plans?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven, Eleven, Eleven.....................

Today is the 11th day of the 11th month, of the 11th year. Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, all over the World. This is a day to reflect upon and remember the price that has been paid for our freedom. Many fine men and women have lots theirs lives to protect our freedom to live. Not all countries are as blessed as Canada, and as I have only lived in Canada, I can only truly speak for myself. But I hope everyone whether you par-take in a ceremony in your town or city or if at the 11:11 hour you just take time to show your respect and say a little prayer for all those who have been lost and for the families and friends who are left to remember them.

When we were in school Remembrance Day was always given its time and of course back in the day, there were many veteran's from WWW2 still around but as the years have gone on there are less still alive. Now, unfortunately our veterans are the men and women of Afghanistan and other war torn countries that we see on the news fighting for freedom. I think it's important that our children learn of the sacrifices made to ensure their son will be partaking in his own bases ceremonies this morning with a heavy heart of the friends he has lost in his short career. But he will stand proud with his company and remember Daniel, Brayden, Darren, and Yannick. Sleep well are not forgotten.......

So take this minute out of your day and say a prayer or two for those who have passed on to a world of peace......................and may they rest in peace..................God Bless You All..........Lest We Forget...........

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've fallen behind.......

Well I cannot believe that I haven't made time to blog for just about three weeks but to say my life has been turned upside down its the understatement of the year! The Hubs got a new job while I was off running the Half Marathon in Kelowna. Not just down the sireeeeeeeeeeeeee! Five hundred miles away on the Beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Yup, I'm moving...............when? I have no idea! There is a slight case of selling a house. And you know just how much fun that is! Not! But I just came back from Gibsons, we went house hunting on the weekend and I left the Hubs there to start work.

We did find a house, a charming one, exactly what we were looking for too. Certainly much smaller than ours here but we needed to downsize anyway so it is a good thing. Now to purge this house! It's pretty exciting moving into a new phase in your life, but when it happens overnight it's not such a great feeling. A tad stressful all around. But we are looking forward to the change and being near my mom and brother is going to be a wonderful bonus for me.

Our children weren't too excited but they have come around to liking the idea and we do have room for them to stay when they come to visit. So that is all I have been doing, craft fair went out the window......but the trips to the dump and thrift store have been quite cleansing. So for now it's work and clean and sell off some furniture to make room for new "things"!!! I love new things!

I don't love these but they are unfortunately a necessity and
a fact of life when you live remotely on the Coast.

Gibsons Landing

This is my first goal, this makes me
So I will try, try, try, to stay on top of my blogging, I just can't make any promises cause my mind is a little befuggled right now! Stay tuned for more adventures of the CrazyRunner, oh I mean Craftyrunner!