Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I like these.........

I read an awesome article in the Vancouver Sun on the weekend and I thought to myself how true it was that we get so caught up in our surroundings and our possessions,  they really start to take over our being. I can totally relate to some of the examples Susan Schwartz quotes: if only I lost 15 pounds, found the perfect house, the right pair of shoes, the perfect little cocktail dress, and on and on. I think you get the idea.

Are we ever totally satisfied with what we have? I think not. There are quite a few books on the book shelves that attest to this: Spent: The Memoirs of a Shopping Addict, or "Life Would be Perfect if I Lived in that House” by Meghan Dunn. She tells a story of what happens when your identity becomes all wrapped up in not who you are or how you live but in where you live. Another author, Avis Cardella spent hours shopping because she thought buying things would make her happier, make her richer, have better friends, clearly looking for a miracle in Crate and Barrel or the likes.

How many of us decorate our houses to copy magazines in hopes of achieving the “perfect look”. I can say from my own experience it is a never ending battle! As new trends evolve or old ones come back, it is a chain of events yearly. Although I can honestly say that I have found my style and try to not stray too far from my own comforts that I truly love.

I love my house I call home. Yet there are times when I dream of redoing a room or changing furniture placement but on the whole I am happy with it. Now if I had a maid to clean the house that would be a whole different story. I’d be hanging from the rafters! But after being away from my home for a few days, upon my return, I take true pleasure in my surroundings. Maybe appreciating your home is knowing when to stop decorating……I like that line. Because as we all know, your home is the foundation of your family and your soul.

The hard part is learning not just how to be, but mastering the nearly impossible art of.... how to be at home and loving it. Have a good night!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a great weekend!

The Hubs and I went to Kamloops on Thursday to visit our daughter Kait, and to shop. Unfortunately we knew before we got there that Kait would be busy working two jobs but we did surprise her on Thursday night by walking into Earls. Spent an hour in there talking to her before heading to the hotel for a much needed sleep. Then Tor and Kait were going to Seattle for a Seahawks game. Go Hawks Go! And they did win.

We hadn't planned on driving straight thru but once we were on the road there really was no point staying in  100 Mile House..... might as well boogie on through. Needless to say Kait was surprised! We spent Friday running around town shopping and then met up with her for dinner when she was between jobs. I don't know but for some reason when I get to a town with new stores and so many options, all my good intentions and ideas just seem to go out the door. But no worries I did recoup on Saturday and picked up a few Christmas gifts, and a few other things I had been looking for.......boots! Yes.... I found a pair that I quite like. no killer heels for this chicka......No, gone are those days, I need reliable. So I found these. There isn't a lot of choices, I mean really it's Kamloops.....our next trip might have to be a little further down the road to Kelowna, I heard there are a few good shoe stores there. But in the meantime these will do just dandy!
Buckles, black and flat.

Ok not the greatest photo,  lessons are needed for you know who!
So we had a great weekend, totally spoiled staying a nice hotel, eating too much food, sleeping way tooo much, and finally finding a few of the things I was looking for. Found a pair of jeans by Silver that I really liked but of course not enough size selection.....I will be checking out a few of our stores. We also looked around at some condos that were for sale two of which were in the same building as Jane will be renting in. But nothing in ink. Better luck another time. Well back home and unpacked and laundry done. A very nice weekend but I am totally tuckered out....... I like my bed and my pillow the best....night all. Hope your weekend was great. It's back on the road in the morning. Please make the rain stop.........

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Done with Renos

I think we are finally done with renos for this year. It wasn't really a planned renovation but it has been on my radar for a while. Our front doors were a huge annoyance to me as they didn't close properly and there was a huge gap at the bottom that was letting the warm air out and the freezing cold air in. Soooooo......of course when I saw that the Big Box store was having a sale, (when aren't they) I couldn't resist checking out what it would entail replacing them. WELL.......I knew I wanted some glass in the doors but not too much as then you could see right into the house, and i really would have liked to have had the new fiberglass wood look but then I don't think they would really suit the rest of the house so good old metal with glass. I'm easy to please.....all right enough with the laughing I am so! So this is them not quite finished with the install but I am sure you will get the drift.
Entry way, my but it's tidy

Outside, just needs the finishing moulding

Love the glass

Love, love, love the way the sun reflects through the glass onto the wall. Now we have light.
 Well I think I am happy for awhile......there is nothing pressing that has to be done, as long as we are draft free and I don't have to pile up blankets in front of the door. That was my objective because handing money over to Terasen is not my idea of being green. See you!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Had a visitor this morning..

Well this morning when I got up while I was waiting for the coffee to finish dripping I looked out the window to see Bambi chewing on my Limelight Hydrangeas. Lucky for her the season is over and I had picked the ones I wanted. She wasn't in the least bit worried about me taking her photos. I think she was actually posing.

 Sorry for the glare but in my quest to get her photo, I forgot to turn off the flash and of course it bounced off the window. Oh well they are all a little washed out but I think that has more to do with the morning light.

Having a nibble....

Checking out the greenhouse.

Yes,  Miss Bambi was quite content to mosey around the yard checking out what was left of the greenery. At least now I know what happened to all my pansies that were blooming so nice under my Carrigana tree. Thanks Toots!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boots, Boots and more Boots

I am on a mission to find a pair of shortie boots for fall that will carry through the winter. And I don’t want snow boots with any lining in them so that when you where them to work your feet cook! So hunting on line has been an adventure. Ah……the selection has been inspiring to say the least. Of course being isolated in the north does not help but then, that is why they have online shopping. But then of course, you run the risk of them not fitting right or totally uncomfortable, the sizes vary from make to make. So far this is one in the running…….

Madden Ernest Bootie
I've been looking at a lot of boots and there are just so many, I think it would be neat to design my own but I don't know any shoemakers? Do you? I also do not know why some of the photos I have will not let me post them. Probably some silly copyright.....maddening. Ah! Funny because his boots are my faves. Too bad I can't show you a few more. Now where to find them. Mmmmmm.....will take some detective work me thinks.

Good news, kids are coming home for Christmas. There will be decorating this year after all.  One tree or two? Or maybe three? Must start making a few lists. And I am so bad with lists! I really need to have a few lessons. I think I am afraid to make them cause if you write it then it has to happen. Don't you feel that way? I am more of a "fly by the seat of my pants girl", but really I would probably be more organized maybe a will try a few and see how I do. Ciao for now.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Promise this will be the last.......

Ode to the pumpkin.............well all right the intervention did not work. I was compelled to make a few more decor projects of should I dare say it................pumpkins! I am sorry but they were just too adorable not to make and besides which..........I am a little crazy. Not my fault. You inherit it from your children!!

We had a wonderful week, the weather was unbelievable, the Fall winds shook the last of the leaves off the trees and littered the streets with mass of golds, yellows and reds. A sight to behold for sure. Our Thanksgiving was spent very quietly around our home puttering and be thankful for our children and our life. We went looking for houses in town that we thought we could down-size too but when we came home and realized just how lucky we are to have such a wonderful house and yard.....it is much too much to think about relocating just for the sake of less square feet. And I was told by my son " Do you know what paper work is involved if you move?" Gosh never crossed my mind..........and besides, Steve would not take the move well. He is quite used to his surroundings and his domain. So here we stay for at least for the next 3 years and 8 months or soooo.

Anyways back to the main topic......these beauties!

Pumpkins made from sweaters. I got the idea from hummadeedledee blogspot, she made hers from cream colored sweaters but when I saw this beige nubbly wool, well it was a natural. A few twigs, leaves and some ribbon and shazammmm! Sweater Pumpkins!!!

Ok I promise that will be it for the pumpkins...........unless of course something pops up. But for now I am focusing on making a few things for the girls for their homes. Jane will be moving shortly back to Kamloops and into a beautiful new condo downtown, and Kait has become "Susie homemaker" ( I know I have a hard time wrapping that one around my head also) so there are a few things I need to make for their humble abodes.

Trish and I did a 16km run before our turkey dinner last night and this morning I am very thankful that we did. The scale does not lie! It was so nice to be able to sit down and it. did. not. matter. what we ate, it was all a bonus.

 I do believe that the remains of this are a true testament to my culinary deeds. It was probably the best pie I have ever made and to tell you the truth tasted.....yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I've been having a busy week and the time is flying by so fast it's just not cricket! Last Sunday, Trish and I did the river trail run and it was a beautiful day.

We like these trails because they are paved and you can run side by side.....and you don't have to be constantly watching for roots.....it was a good run 10km.

In the meantime, since then I have had another pumpkin attack, and I believe someone said I was "sick" well maybe so, but what else should I be doing except crafting or running at 6 in the morning. Take a gander at these little beauties! I'm thinking I need an "intervention"......obsessed with pumpkins......mmmmm maybe.

You want some just like them......I know you do! They are absolutely adorable and of course they are made from left-over drop cloths. I know brilliant! Real twigs, some iron-on lettering, a few leaves, a little sewing, some hand-stitching, and wha la! Sitting on the mantle as pretty as a picture. Sic?! I think not!

So between swimming, running, crafting and oh yes and the "dentist" it's been a great week so far! I finished my embroidered "Autumn stitchery" just need to frame it.

So I shall leave you this evening with another beautiful photo of the River trails. Have a great evening! Ta ta~~~

Monday, October 4, 2010

So that's how it is.....?

Well I was busy making pumpkin things last week and decorating cause I have decided that I reaaaaaalllly like the Autumn season. So I made myself a few of Martha's wool roving pumpkins and with a few adjustments they turned out soooo cute! If I do say so my self. I also embroidered a cute Amiish country stitchery.  Looks similar to this one.......

Just need to find some buttons......

Okay fine I stole the idea but I did have to make it and I did. So many of the girls around blogging land have been right into the whole Autumn /fall season I couldn't help myself getting the bug. I even baked this past weekend as we had some friends in for dinner so I had to hit the kitchen, I so love to cook but cooking or baking just for the Hubs and I, is pretty boring as he doesn't like desserts and well dinner is mostly a waste of time since he is ususally too tired or worn out to actually enjoy a meal. But I did make a toooooo die for Pumpkin Cheesecake pie.....OMG it was soooo good. I could have ate the whole thing. But of course I didn't because WW is just too much into my brain at this point and I would hate to have to make Trish run 20 km just cause I was a glutton.
So anyways back to the crafting these are what I made courtesy of Martha with a few changes to add my creativity.

Pumpkins made of wool and styrofoam

This was made with eyelash wool

No it is a real pumpkin, just didn't get a chance to grow up!

So with that and a bit of baking and cooking my weekend with a 11km run was about it....Oh and with the help of Larry I now have a shower door.....now I can use my ensuite again.....can"t wait! Thanks Larry....So we were back at the pool this morning, water running and I cannot believe how sore my legs were today...oh well such is life. Ciao for now................