Monday, October 4, 2010

So that's how it is.....?

Well I was busy making pumpkin things last week and decorating cause I have decided that I reaaaaaalllly like the Autumn season. So I made myself a few of Martha's wool roving pumpkins and with a few adjustments they turned out soooo cute! If I do say so my self. I also embroidered a cute Amiish country stitchery.  Looks similar to this one.......

Just need to find some buttons......

Okay fine I stole the idea but I did have to make it and I did. So many of the girls around blogging land have been right into the whole Autumn /fall season I couldn't help myself getting the bug. I even baked this past weekend as we had some friends in for dinner so I had to hit the kitchen, I so love to cook but cooking or baking just for the Hubs and I, is pretty boring as he doesn't like desserts and well dinner is mostly a waste of time since he is ususally too tired or worn out to actually enjoy a meal. But I did make a toooooo die for Pumpkin Cheesecake pie.....OMG it was soooo good. I could have ate the whole thing. But of course I didn't because WW is just too much into my brain at this point and I would hate to have to make Trish run 20 km just cause I was a glutton.
So anyways back to the crafting these are what I made courtesy of Martha with a few changes to add my creativity.

Pumpkins made of wool and styrofoam

This was made with eyelash wool

No it is a real pumpkin, just didn't get a chance to grow up!

So with that and a bit of baking and cooking my weekend with a 11km run was about it....Oh and with the help of Larry I now have a shower I can use my ensuite again.....can"t wait! Thanks Larry....So we were back at the pool this morning, water running and I cannot believe how sore my legs were today...oh well such is life. Ciao for now................

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