Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I've been having a busy week and the time is flying by so fast it's just not cricket! Last Sunday, Trish and I did the river trail run and it was a beautiful day.

We like these trails because they are paved and you can run side by side.....and you don't have to be constantly watching for was a good run 10km.

In the meantime, since then I have had another pumpkin attack, and I believe someone said I was "sick" well maybe so, but what else should I be doing except crafting or running at 6 in the morning. Take a gander at these little beauties! I'm thinking I need an "intervention"......obsessed with pumpkins......mmmmm maybe.

You want some just like them......I know you do! They are absolutely adorable and of course they are made from left-over drop cloths. I know brilliant! Real twigs, some iron-on lettering, a few leaves, a little sewing, some hand-stitching, and wha la! Sitting on the mantle as pretty as a picture. Sic?! I think not!

So between swimming, running, crafting and oh yes and the "dentist" it's been a great week so far! I finished my embroidered "Autumn stitchery" just need to frame it.

So I shall leave you this evening with another beautiful photo of the River trails. Have a great evening! Ta ta~~~

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