Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Done with Renos

I think we are finally done with renos for this year. It wasn't really a planned renovation but it has been on my radar for a while. Our front doors were a huge annoyance to me as they didn't close properly and there was a huge gap at the bottom that was letting the warm air out and the freezing cold air in. Soooooo......of course when I saw that the Big Box store was having a sale, (when aren't they) I couldn't resist checking out what it would entail replacing them. WELL.......I knew I wanted some glass in the doors but not too much as then you could see right into the house, and i really would have liked to have had the new fiberglass wood look but then I don't think they would really suit the rest of the house so good old metal with glass. I'm easy to please.....all right enough with the laughing I am so! So this is them not quite finished with the install but I am sure you will get the drift.
Entry way, my but it's tidy

Outside, just needs the finishing moulding

Love the glass

Love, love, love the way the sun reflects through the glass onto the wall. Now we have light.
 Well I think I am happy for awhile......there is nothing pressing that has to be done, as long as we are draft free and I don't have to pile up blankets in front of the door. That was my objective because handing money over to Terasen is not my idea of being green. See you!

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