Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boots, Boots and more Boots

I am on a mission to find a pair of shortie boots for fall that will carry through the winter. And I don’t want snow boots with any lining in them so that when you where them to work your feet cook! So hunting on line has been an adventure. Ah……the selection has been inspiring to say the least. Of course being isolated in the north does not help but then, that is why they have online shopping. But then of course, you run the risk of them not fitting right or totally uncomfortable, the sizes vary from make to make. So far this is one in the running…….

Madden Ernest Bootie
I've been looking at a lot of boots and there are just so many, I think it would be neat to design my own but I don't know any shoemakers? Do you? I also do not know why some of the photos I have will not let me post them. Probably some silly copyright.....maddening. Ah! Funny because his boots are my faves. Too bad I can't show you a few more. Now where to find them. Mmmmmm.....will take some detective work me thinks.

Good news, kids are coming home for Christmas. There will be decorating this year after all.  One tree or two? Or maybe three? Must start making a few lists. And I am so bad with lists! I really need to have a few lessons. I think I am afraid to make them cause if you write it then it has to happen. Don't you feel that way? I am more of a "fly by the seat of my pants girl", but really I would probably be more organized maybe a will try a few and see how I do. Ciao for now.

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