Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I like these.........

I read an awesome article in the Vancouver Sun on the weekend and I thought to myself how true it was that we get so caught up in our surroundings and our possessions,  they really start to take over our being. I can totally relate to some of the examples Susan Schwartz quotes: if only I lost 15 pounds, found the perfect house, the right pair of shoes, the perfect little cocktail dress, and on and on. I think you get the idea.

Are we ever totally satisfied with what we have? I think not. There are quite a few books on the book shelves that attest to this: Spent: The Memoirs of a Shopping Addict, or "Life Would be Perfect if I Lived in that House” by Meghan Dunn. She tells a story of what happens when your identity becomes all wrapped up in not who you are or how you live but in where you live. Another author, Avis Cardella spent hours shopping because she thought buying things would make her happier, make her richer, have better friends, clearly looking for a miracle in Crate and Barrel or the likes.

How many of us decorate our houses to copy magazines in hopes of achieving the “perfect look”. I can say from my own experience it is a never ending battle! As new trends evolve or old ones come back, it is a chain of events yearly. Although I can honestly say that I have found my style and try to not stray too far from my own comforts that I truly love.

I love my house I call home. Yet there are times when I dream of redoing a room or changing furniture placement but on the whole I am happy with it. Now if I had a maid to clean the house that would be a whole different story. I’d be hanging from the rafters! But after being away from my home for a few days, upon my return, I take true pleasure in my surroundings. Maybe appreciating your home is knowing when to stop decorating……I like that line. Because as we all know, your home is the foundation of your family and your soul.

The hard part is learning not just how to be, but mastering the nearly impossible art of.... how to be at home and loving it. Have a good night!

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