Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a great weekend!

The Hubs and I went to Kamloops on Thursday to visit our daughter Kait, and to shop. Unfortunately we knew before we got there that Kait would be busy working two jobs but we did surprise her on Thursday night by walking into Earls. Spent an hour in there talking to her before heading to the hotel for a much needed sleep. Then Tor and Kait were going to Seattle for a Seahawks game. Go Hawks Go! And they did win.

We hadn't planned on driving straight thru but once we were on the road there really was no point staying in  100 Mile House..... might as well boogie on through. Needless to say Kait was surprised! We spent Friday running around town shopping and then met up with her for dinner when she was between jobs. I don't know but for some reason when I get to a town with new stores and so many options, all my good intentions and ideas just seem to go out the door. But no worries I did recoup on Saturday and picked up a few Christmas gifts, and a few other things I had been looking! Yes.... I found a pair that I quite like. no killer heels for this chicka......No, gone are those days, I need reliable. So I found these. There isn't a lot of choices, I mean really it's Kamloops.....our next trip might have to be a little further down the road to Kelowna, I heard there are a few good shoe stores there. But in the meantime these will do just dandy!
Buckles, black and flat.

Ok not the greatest photo,  lessons are needed for you know who!
So we had a great weekend, totally spoiled staying a nice hotel, eating too much food, sleeping way tooo much, and finally finding a few of the things I was looking for. Found a pair of jeans by Silver that I really liked but of course not enough size selection.....I will be checking out a few of our stores. We also looked around at some condos that were for sale two of which were in the same building as Jane will be renting in. But nothing in ink. Better luck another time. Well back home and unpacked and laundry done. A very nice weekend but I am totally tuckered out....... I like my bed and my pillow the best....night all. Hope your weekend was great. It's back on the road in the morning. Please make the rain stop.........

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